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Adj.1.two-year - having a life cycle lasting two seasonstwo-year - having a life cycle lasting two seasons; "a biennial life cycle"; "parsnips and carrots are biennial plants often grown as annuals"
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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In 1999, during a two-year artist residency in Sydney that he'd won on Greenfield's recommendation, he plastered the city with a poster depicting a virile aboriginal stud and a well-muscled Aussie stockman locked in an erotic kiss.
Because the security either gets put or called in two years' time, no matter what interest rates do in the interim, what the company effectively has issued is a two-year bullet obligation to the put/call date.
The Two-Year College Committee continues its efforts to recruit faculty and students form the many two-year colleges in the state.
During the first year of the two-year MBA program, Tuck students learn about corporate communication as a component of a management communication class.
Lawrence Jacobs, chief investigator of the Biogen studies, reported that intramuscular (into the muscle) injections once a week reduced the relapse rate 31 percent in the two-year study.
To prevent the crucial osteoblasts from getting lazy as their rival cells succumbed to drug treatment, Watts and colleagues simulated an osteoclast depress-and-release cycle throughout the two-year experiment.
Universities do not have fully compatible ways of describing quantity of coursework (a credit hour or a "course" will mean different amounts of class contact or hours of study required), so the two-year generalization will be used in this article.
ISLAMABAD -- The apex higher education body on Friday stated that the two-year bachelors of arts (BA) and bachelors of science (BS) programmes and the two-year masters of arts and masters of science programmes will end in the academic year 2018 and 2020 respectively.
Michael Imrie, 24, and Gerald McCann, 46, both from Edinburgh - nine-month jail terms and two-year football bans.
It offers data on the following: (1) Percentage of Students Completing Degrees at Four-Year Institutions Who Previously Enrolled at Two-Year Institutions; (2) Number of Years Between Degree Completion at Four-Year Institutions and Most Recent Enrollment at Two-Year Institutions; and (3) Number of Enrolled Terms at Two-Year Institutions Prior to Degree Completion at Four-Year Institutions.
The 34-year-old former England international had been holding out for a two-year contract at the Hawthorns but Albion were only prepared to offer one year.