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Adj.1.two-year-old - two years of age
young, immature - (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth; "young people"
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(tuː) noun
1. the number or figure 2.
2. the age of 2.
1. 2 in number.
2. aged 2.
having two (of something). a two-door car.
ˌtwo-ˈfaced adjective
decitful. a two-faced person.
ˌtwo-ˈhanded adjective, adverb
(to be used, played etc) with two hands. a two-handed stroke.
twosome noun
two people; a couple. They usually travel in a twosome.
ˌtwo-ˈway adjective
able to act, operate, be used etc in two ways or directions. two-way traffic; a two-way radio.
ˈtwo-year-old noun
a person or animal that is two years old.
(of a person, animal or thing) that is two years old.
in two
(broken) in two pieces. The magazine was torn in two.
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References in classic literature ?
"Aye, aye, we're coming," Seth answered from within, and presently appeared stooping under the doorway, being taller than usual by the black head of a sturdy two-year-old nephew, who had caused some delay by demanding to be carried on uncle's shoulder.
She screamed with fear, and the two-year-old child that was clinging to her released its grip and rolled at Red-Eye's feet.
A two-year-old child was not injured in the incident.
POLICE shot a man who had held a knife to the throat of a two-year-old girl in a house siege.
A family was today preparing to come face to face with the man who shot dead their two-year-old son.
My two-year-old granddaughter drinks out of a cup but thankfully her mother has the sense to realise that a bottle of juice is required outdoors.
LANDI KOTAL -- Measles outbreak in a remote village of Landi Kotal claimed life of a two-year-old girl here on Saturday.
Her two-year-old brother is also ill with identical symptoms, their father said.
KAMALIA -- The two-year-old girl who had sustained critical burns in a van fire incident succumbed to her burns in hospital on Monday, taking the death toll from the incident to three.
Johnson Houghton commented on Twitter that the idea of a two-year-old race being staged and dubbed a 'championship' was foolish, while in his Racing Post column today champion jockey Richard Hughes urged the BHA to reject the proposal to race on Good Friday, which this year is among just four blank days in the calendar.
The Monster's Ball star, who has a two-year-old daughter, Nahla, with former partner Gabriel Aubry, was named the sexiest mother in the spotlight by voters at, reports the Daily Star.
Summary: Peter Andre has declared his "disgust" at pictures of his two-year-old daughter made-up with false eyelashes and lip gloss.