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Adj.1.twoscore - being ten more than thirtytwoscore - being ten more than thirty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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And they tell me that twoscore of as good men as ever drew bow are in hiding with them."
That same evening within a forest glade a group of men--some twoscore clad in Lincoln green--sat round a fire roasting venison and making merry.
Rob turned upon his assailant, now twoscore yards away.
"Nay," quoth old Adam o' the Dell presently, drawing a long breath and shaking his head as he spoke, "twoscore years and more have I shot shaft, and maybe not all times bad, but I shoot no more this day, for no man can match with yon stranger, whosoe'er he may be." Then he thrust his shaft into his quiver, rattling, and unstrung his bow without another word.
A negro teamster who had been dancing upon a cracker box with the hilarious encouragement of twoscore soldiers was deserted.
Twoscore of manuscripts were travelling the endless round of the magazines.
The score gave Newcastle a twoscore advantage and they were able to run down the clock in the dying minutes.
The same player did not waste much time in making another impact when the South African finished off an impressive team move on 29 minutes to cross the white wash, with Botica adding the extras to make it a twoscore game.
But then Turner stepped forward again, taking the defensive line on before stretching out to score himself and restore Saints' twoscore lead.