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Present participle of tie.



v. tied, ty•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to bind or fasten with a cord, string, or the like: to tie a bundle.
2. to fasten by tightening and knotting the string or strings of: to tie one's shoes.
3. to draw or fasten together into a knot or bow: to tie one's shoelaces.
4. to form by looping and interlacing, as a knot or bow.
5. to bind or join closely or firmly: Great affection tied them.
6. to confine or restrict: The weather tied us to the house.
7. to oblige to do something.
8. to make the same score as; equal in a contest.
9. to connect (musical notes) by a tie.
10. to design and make (an artificial fly) for fishing.
11. to make a tie, bond, or connection.
12. to make the same score; be equal in a contest: to tie for first place.
13. tie down, to curtail the activities of; confine: The desk job ties him down.
14. tie in,
a. to connect coherently; be consistent: His story ties in with the facts.
b. to make or form a tie-in.
15. tie off, to tie a cord or suture around (a blood vessel or the like) so as to stop the flow within.
16. tie up,
a. to fasten securely by tying.
b. to wrap and secure, as with string; bind.
c. to hinder or bring to a stop; impede.
d. to render (money or property) unavailable for further disposition, investment, etc.
e. to moor (a ship).
f. to engage or occupy completely: The boss is tied up till noon.
17. a cord, string, or the like, used for tying, fastening, or wrapping something.
18. that with which anything is tied.
19. a necktie.
20. a low shoe fastened with a lace.
21. an ornamental knot; bow.
22. a bond, as of affection, kinship, or mutual interest: family ties.
23. a state of equality in points scored, votes obtained, etc., among competitors.
24. any of various structural members, as beams or rods, for keeping two objects, as rafters or the haunches of an arch, from spreading or separating.
25. a curved line connecting two musical notes on the same line or space to indicate that the sound is to be sustained for their joint value, not repeated.
26. one of the wooden beams laid across the bed of a railroad to support the rails and keep them in place; crosstie.
1. tie one on, Slang. to get drunk.
2. tie the knot, Informal. to marry.
[before 900; Middle English te(i)gh cord, rope, Old English tēah, tēg, c. Old Norse taug rope. compare tug, tow1]
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Noun1.tying - the act of tying or binding things togethertying - the act of tying or binding things together
fastening, attachment - the act of fastening things together
ligation - (surgery) tying a duct or blood vessel with a ligature (as to prevent bleeding during surgery)


(tai) present participle ˈtying: past tense, past participle tied verb
1. (often with to, ~on etc) to fasten with a string, rope etc. He tied the horse to a tree; The parcel was tied with string; I don't like this job – I hate being tied to a desk.
2. to fasten by knotting; to make a knot in. He tied his shoelaces.
3. to be joined by a knot etc. The belt of this dress ties at the front.
4. to score the same number of points etc (in a game, competition etc). Three people tied for first place.
1. a strip of material worn tied round the neck under the collar of a shirt. He wore a shirt and tie.
2. something that joins. the ties of friendship.
3. an equal score or result (in a game, competition etc); a draw.
4. a game or match to be played.
be tied up
1. to be busy; to be involved (with). I can't discuss this matter just now – I'm tied up with other things.
2. (with with) to be connected with.
tie (someone) down
to limit someone's freedom etc. Her work tied her down.
tie in/up
to be linked or joined (logically). This doesn't tie in (with what he said before).
References in classic literature ?
He was jubilant, and did not wait for me to finish tying my puppy's legs, but started on.
Sancho asked him the reason of this sudden dismounting and tying.
It was a judge of knots because it had a habit of tying up unfortunate blue-bottles.
In trying an ordinary square knot, a finger must be held on the first twist in order to keep it tight while tying the second.
How was I going to ask my father--a man of tradition--that I needed help tying a tie?
The Federal Reserve has recently proposed new rules that will make banks guilty of tying if corporate credit and non-credit business must be purchased to meet a preset minimum revenue level.
Targeted at fashionable gentlemen of distinction, the web site also provides instruction on proper tying as well as how to determine the quality of a bow tie.
com)-- Nail Gun Depot now offers a full line of Max re-bar tying tools.
While the program is just four weeks old and is not mandatory, hundreds of students have joined in - often borrowing assorted neckwear from a box of donated ties and then finding someone more skilled to help them with the tying.
The powerful hydraulic cylinders that do the compressing get a lot of the attention when recyclers shop for balers, but they should also make sure the wire tying system they buy is the right one for them, manufacturers say.
Westlake's lone tie was against Simi Valley, which would give the Warriors the advantage at the end of the season if both teams keep winning or tying.