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An outgrowth of a parenchyma cell through a pit into a vessel element in a plant. Also called tylosis2.

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Filling the vascular elements of Paulownia with tylose can be probably its reason [12].
It was hypothesized that weevil attacks in Bukoba, Tanzania were related to nutrient imbalances that affect the plant defense mechanism through reducing pectin and tylose formation, with adequate levels of magnesium linked to low weevil populations [32].
Ingredients Baker's % Kilogram US decimal Egg whites 12.50 0.243 0.536 Tylose powder 3.50 0.068 0.150 Powdered sugar 100.00 1.946 4.289 Shortening 12.50 0.243 0.536 Total 128.50 2.500 5.512 Ingredients Lb & Oz Test Egg whites 8 5/8 3 1/8 oz Tylose powder 2 3/8 7/8 oz Powdered sugar 4 4 5/8 8 7/8 oz Shortening 8 5/8 3 1/8 oz Total 5 8 1/4 2 lb Process 1.
Both a simulated meat product (Tylose gel) and packages of frozen bratwurst were used as test materials.
[32,33] The exception for intravaginal administration may involve the use of triacetin or Tylose gels in the preparation of prostaglandin [E.sub.2] gel, which appears to result in more rapid absorption and therefore potentially greater systemic effects than the sodium carboxymethyl-cellulose gel used in this study.
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Accumulation of substances inside vessel elements below them could be observed and the tylose formation was intensified (Fig.
The thawing of the Tylose disk in a refrigerator using still air took more than 23 hours, while thawing under a single impingement jet took less than 5 hours.
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