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A plural of tympanum.
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The roof of the cavalier wing is designed as a mansard roof and is influenced by various special forms such as dormers, risalits / tympana and grooves / ridges in connection to other components.
Its wonderful symmetrical facade has been commented on by Pevsner, who praised the curved end gables and windows with shell tympana (the semi-circular decorative wall surface) derived from the later work of John Nash, the acclaimed Regency architect.
One of those claims--that in temples that show curvilinear and inclined refinements, such as the Parthenon, the tympana would lean forward as part of the "optical corrections" theory--is obviously not true.
The Caelifera; commonly referred to as grasshoppers, grouse locusts or pygmy grasshoppers, and pygmy mole crickets; are characterized by having antennae shorter than the body, short ovipositors, and tympana on the thorax.
Moreover, the proliferation of sculpture, including carved tympana, capitals, abaci, corbels, and metopes, distinguishes Jaca from the earlier examples, where these features are lacking.
The rooms at the National Museum of the Bargello devoted to Renaissance maiolica and the various tabernacles and tympana in glazed terracotta scattered around the city have a difficult time competing with Florence's other attractions.
Sound is produced when the timbal muscles buckle the timbals, which are chitinous membranes at the base of the abdomen, generating changes in pressure in the abdominal cavity and exiting through the tympana (Young, 1990; Bennet-Clark and Young, 1992; Fonseca and Popov, 1994; Bennet-Clark, 1998).
In the same year Biber's mass and motet Plaudite tympana were recorded by the Italian ensembles La Stagione Armonica and Tibicines with Sergio Balestracci conducting.
Mary Cassatt's was one of two large murals created for the tympana of the Hall of Honor in the Woman's Building.