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An instrument that measures movement of the tympanic membrane at various levels of air pressure, used to assess function of the middle ear.

tym′pa·nom′e·try n.
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Impedance audiometry was measured using an IA-AZ-7 model tympanometer (Middelfart, Denmark) calibrated to International Organization for Standardization standards.
PTA, DPOAE testing, and tympanometry were performed by the same audiologist using the same audiometer and tympanometer for all patients.
I asked our nurses to compare the handheld tympanometer to the SGAR.
Created using AFHCAN's tConsult Cart store-and-forward interface, cases may contain textual information and data from biomedical peripherals, including a wand-like dental camera, video camera, otoscope (for ear, nose, and throat issues), tympanometer (ear issues), vital signs monitor, spirometer (measures lung function), electrocardiogram, stethoscope, and scanner.
1-3) Our study aimed to determine which tympanometer is optimal in the outpatient primary care setting.
The probe is connected to a machine called a tympanometer.
Many doctors' offices are sporting this new piece of equipment -- a Tympanometer, which measures the movement of the ear drum (tympanic membrane).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Tympanometer with rotational emission sensor.
Tympanometry was performed with a hand-held tympanometer (Tucker-Davis Technologies; Alachua, Fla.
Tympanometry was performed using a Micro Audiometrics Earscan Acoustic Impedance Tympanometer [Murphy, North Carolina].
Wilkoff wrote that the usefulness of a tympanometer "doesn't seem to validate its expense," but I think it would be much harder to validate each of our skills with pneumatic otoscopes.
The physicians were provided with a calibrated tympanometer and printer.