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Tympanotomy in disorders of sound conduction; its diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities [in German].
First group (selective) had dexamethasone on the round window and gentamicin on oval window during exploratory tympanotomy procedure.
Out of 23 cases, 18 cases were operated by posterior tympanotomy approach and 05 cases were operated by Veria technique.
A facial recess approach was used to create a posterior tympanotomy and visualise the cochlea.
Subsequently, a tympanotomy was performed and the tumor was removed completely.
3%) had a 100% correlation of oval window ankylosis (stapes footplate fixation) on exploratory tympanotomy.
Each temporal bone was prepared by a standard surgical approach with posterior tympanotomy.
At age 2 years, Jordan had tympanotomy tubes placed for chronic ear infections.
If these steps don't work, then tympanotomy tubes (ear tubes) may help.
33] analyzed the visualization of the specific anatomical area of the tympanic cavity via posterior tympanotomy.