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n. timpanotomía, incisión de la membrana timpánica.
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This had prompted combined approach tympanoplasty through mastoid and posterior tympanotomy. Persistence of physio-pathologic phenomena that determined cholesteatoma development should be avoided to avoid recurrence of the disease by avoiding tympanic membrane retractions.
Mastoidectomy and a posterior tympanotomy were performed, and a round window or anteroinferior cochleostomy approach into the scala tympani was applied to access the cochlea.
Tympanotomy in disorders of sound conduction; its diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities [in German], Z Laryngol Rhinol Otol 1959;38(4):212-21.
Although endoscopic examinations, we did not explore the round window through the posterior tympanotomy in the surgery.
Cochlear implant surgery was performed using modified minimal postauricular incision, mastoidectomy, posterior tympanotomy and oval window approach under general anesthesia.
By an extended posterior tympanotomy accompanied by a mastoidectomy, access to the middle ear cavity was obtained.
Explorative tympanotomy performed because of the suspicion of stapes fixation revealed that the stapes were indeed fixed.
A facial recess approach was used to create a posterior tympanotomy and visualise the cochlea.
(6) thinning of the posterior wall of the outer ear canal, posterior tympanotomy, preservation of the incus buttress;
Twenty normal EAC skin samples obtained from patients undergoing myringoplasty for dry perforation and exploratory tympanotomy for diagnosis of middle ear disease served as controls.
(1,9,10) Of the 31 patients with a clinical diagnosis of otosclerosis, 28 (90.3%) had a 100% correlation of oval window ankylosis (stapes footplate fixation) on exploratory tympanotomy. Patients were satisfied with the outcome and hearing benefits of stapedectomy or stapedotomy which, in experienced hands and appropriate patient selection, is safe and effective, with a success rate of more than 90%.
Each temporal bone was prepared by a standard surgical approach with posterior tympanotomy. In all cases, the facial recess and facial nerve were preserved to model the realistic surgical constraints present in clinical practice.