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n. pl. tym·pa·nies
2. Archaic Inflated manner or style; bombast.

[Medieval Latin tympanias, tympanites, from Greek tumpaniās, from tumpanon, drum.]
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n, pl -nies
1. (Pathology) another name for tympanites
2. obsolete excessive pride or arrogance
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The palpebral reflex, pedal reflex, swallowing reflex, jaw tone, movement of limbs and tail were absent in all animals after administration of all three anaesthetic regimens, while nystagmus, corneal reflex, snoring, arrhythmias, anal relaxation, muscle relaxation, protrusion of tongue, jugular pulsation, frequent urination, tympany were observed in all animals with all treatments.
There was mild distension with no flank tenderness and no tympany. A STAT abdominal X-ray film for evaluation of a small bowel obstruction was ordered.
In majority of surgical maladies of gastro-intestinal tract like ruminal tympany, ruminal impaction, diaphragmatic hernia, traumatic reticulitis, abomasal impaction, intussusception, caecal dilatation etc., a multifactorial etiology constitute the most common cause for surgical gastro-intestinal disorders in cattle (Makhdoomi et al., 1995).
Empyema, mycosis, tympany, and temporohyoid osteopathy are the more common reasons to assess the guttural pouch.
Al-Qudah, "Clinical and surgical findings and outcome following rumenotomy in adult dairy cattle affected with recurrent rumen tympany associated with non-metallic foreign bodies," American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, vol.
The poisoned heifers presented brownish colored mucosa of conjunctiva (Figure 1A) and vaginal vestibule (Figure 1B), gray-bluish tongue, dyspnea, sialorrhea, tympany, and progression to sternal decubitus and death.
Diseases and Conditions: The reported plants were used against following 26 diseases and conditions: agalactia, anestrus, anorexia, chronic diarrhoea, colic, constipation, enhancing milk production, expulsion of placenta, fever, foot rot, heat stroke, indigestion, traumatic inflammation, non-specific jaundice, mastitis, panting, pneumonia, uterine prolapse, red water, rheumatism, toxaemia, tympany, worm infestation and external wounds.
In some cases, shifting precordial tympany can be felt on percussion [5,18].
Majority of patients (90%) are present with classical features of intestinal obstruction such as distention of abdomen, vomiting, constipation, and abdominal pain with signs of abnormal bowel sound, tympany, palpable mass in abdomen, empty rectum, and dehydration.
topsy-turvy turtles turned tumbles to the tympany. Talkingstock to
Skoda's resonance (Skoda's sign and Skoda's tympany) is the increased resonance heard on percussion at the upper part of the chest, with flatness below it, heard above a large pleural effusion or area of consolidation.