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n. pl. tym·pa·nies
2. Archaic Inflated manner or style; bombast.

[Medieval Latin tympanias, tympanites, from Greek tumpaniās, from tumpanon, drum.]


n, pl -nies
1. (Pathology) another name for tympanites
2. obsolete excessive pride or arrogance
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2003) have also described dyspnea, sialorrhea, tympany in addition to decubitus, and death 30 minutes after decubitus in spontaneously intoxicated cattle.
Diseases and Conditions: The reported plants were used against following 26 diseases and conditions: agalactia, anestrus, anorexia, chronic diarrhoea, colic, constipation, enhancing milk production, expulsion of placenta, fever, foot rot, heat stroke, indigestion, traumatic inflammation, non-specific jaundice, mastitis, panting, pneumonia, uterine prolapse, red water, rheumatism, toxaemia, tympany, worm infestation and external wounds.
2001) with many possible complications like regurgitation, fatal aspiratory pneumonia, ruminal tympany and heart failure (Weaver, 1971).
Majority of patients (90%) are present with classical features of intestinal obstruction such as distention of abdomen, vomiting, constipation, and abdominal pain with signs of abnormal bowel sound, tympany, palpable mass in abdomen, empty rectum, and dehydration.
On the other hand some side effects such as salivation and tympany were observed after administration that were transient and did not pose any serious problem at any stage during the experiment.
Deficiency of mineral in the diet are as under: Acetonaemia Anemia blindness contigious opthalmia coccidia coccidia colic dermatitis diarrhoea eczema enterotoxaemia ergot fluke foot and mouth disease gas gangrene goat pox Johne's disease lactation tetany lice louping III pneumonia pregnancy toxaemia ring worm tetanus ticks tympany and worms.
The other than parasitic, livestock diseases were Diarrhoea, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Calcium deficiency, Mastitis, Colic, Enterotoxaemia, Prolaps, Rheumatic fever, Milk fever, Newcastle disease, Retention of foetal membrane, Nasal discharge, Haemoraghic septicemia, An estrous, Laminitis, Strangles, Lactolith, Panting, Canine distemper, Indigestion, Paralysis, Allergy, Uterus pus, Loss of appetite , Tympany, Crop bound Condition, Teat stricture, , Rheumatism, Tail necrosis and gangrene, Black quarter , Fibrosis, Wound, Cough, String hault, Pneumonia, Sheep pox and Gid.
Proving you don't need a huge kit to make a huge noise, he took us on a tympany tour de force, providing the foundation for a sound that was startlingly powerful at times.
Experimental induction of abdominal tympany, abomasitis, and abomasal ulceration by intraruminal inoculation of Clostridium perfringens type A in neonatal calves.
The main signs of ISK are abdominal distention and tenderness, while the other findings include hypokinetic-akinetic or hyperkinetic bowel sounds, tympany, an empty rectum, visible peristalsis, an abdominal mass, and a fecal odor of the breath.
Clinical signs such as abdominal pain, manifested by restlessness, teeth grinding or groaning also dyspnoea, depression, ruminal atony with moderate to severe tympany, bloat, diahrrea and dehydration were evident.
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