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1. typographer.
2. typographic.
3. typographical.
4. typography.
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Typhoon common shares are listed on the TSX Ventures Exchange under the stock symbol TYP.
December 18, 1968 A white first-year student allegedly shot a Black TYP student in the cheek with a BB gun.
Seven university students, who were members of TyP, were killed by a group of people at a home in Bahcelievler.
For we be in said with eople said too long, many people typ pr in Europe have a been paying too much to w co travel aim the laws
TYP is a fully interactive, digital prospectus for school leavers, showcasing the range of courses and facilities on offer at Solihull College.
Paikkala vertritt die Ansicht, dass der Virtanen- Typ in erster Linie ein Ergebnis des nationalen Erwachens der finnischen Landbevolkerung war.
This is where Le Corbusier's "machine for living," the Unite d'Habitation Typ Berlin, meets the condensed urban fabric of cheap, concrete-slab apartment buildings that made architectural history in the '60s as a symbol of social progress but in the '80s became the very image of aesthetic resignation.
Luke is 14 and has been bul lied all his life -- a fact which has made him determined to explain to ``neurologically typ ical'' people that just because a person is autistic, it doesn't mean they are a lesser human being.
FRANK [(WITH).sub.2]/(P O)/ AD[J.sub.C] ([persona] franco/sincero CON alguien) S + V + FRANK (+ WITH + PREP O) + (A) S = NP, typ. AGENT PREP O = NP To be frank with you, I was not there at dawn He was frank when he told you that
The most common typ of cases continued to be contract disputes about agreements to marry, with the courts favoring procedure over sentiment and enforcing promises of marriage which they determined had taken place even if neither party still wanted to marry.
The R&S FPC1000 provides a low noise floor level of -150 dBm (typ), which can be further extended to -165 dBm (typ) with an optional keycode-activated preamplifier.