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Noun1.type AB - the blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigenstype AB - the blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens
blood group, blood type - human blood cells (usually just the red blood cells) that have the same antigens
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You can have A or B antigens for Type A or Type B blood, both for Type AB, or neither for Type O.
Blood type AB may increase your risk of cognitive problems, according to research from the journal Neurology.
He had used hypnosis on her and he had killed in the past to obtain type AB blood - Kerry's type - and one of the "policemen" mentioned a 1932 murder case involving a vampire.
Our cases comprised two patients with type A, one patient with type AB, two patients with type B1+B2, one patient with type B2, and one patient with type B2+B3 thymoma.
In human medicine, thymomas are classified into 3 types: type A if the epithelial cells have an oval or fusiform shape (lower lymphocyte count); type B if cells have an epithelioid shape; and type AB if the tumor contains a combination of both cell types.
Type AB, B1, and B2 tumors possess a significant number of CD4+CD8+ double positive T-cells in the tumor.
Experimental results indicated that the MDF piece machined by type A and type AB saws yielded the same surface roughness height when both saws had the same radial clearance angle even though the two saws had different tip heights.
People with type O blood are known as universal donors, and those with type AB blood as universal recipients.
Type A individuals have the antigen A, type B have antigen B, and type AB have both; type O have neither of these antigens.
TEHRAN (FNA)- People with blood type AB may be more likely to develop memory loss in later years than people with other blood types.
The distribution of histologic subtype was type A (n=4), type AB (n=10), type B1 (n=9), type B2 (n=10), type B3 (n=5) and type C (n=7) as shown in table 2.
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