type up

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w>type up

vt sepauf der Maschine zusammenschreiben
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High end UPS uninterruptible power supply products on the market generally integrates the function of voltage regulation but back-up type UPS power supply is less equipped with a voltage stabilizing function
condensers with related accessories, (b) 250 watt sodium projectors complete with related accessories, also 9.5 meters high single arm public lighting rods with related electronic stoppers, (c) different capacity contactors, CBs, regulators & condensers, (d) metallic resistance to mount on a voltage reducing transformer of 5 M.V.A., 20/ 11 kV & (e) electronic cards to repair AC type UPS units.
One last innovation that should be included in power evaluations is flywheel or rotary type UPS. A flywheel is a spinning mass that, when the power fails, utilizes its inertia to produce electricity and is an alternative or supplement to batteries.