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(Units) a unit of weight used to measure the density of yarns. It is equal to 1 gram per 1000 metres
[C20: from French, from textile textile]


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Equations can be entered by hand using the built-in handwriting recognition program in Windows 7, by point-and-click editing with automatic formatting, by keyboard shortcuts, and by the TeX typesetting language, or by copying and pasting the equation from another application or Web site.
Their standard was based on a computer typesetting language, Generalized Markup Language (GML), that Dr.
Also contained in the e-MATH centralized reporsitory are the following resources: TeXSoftware macro packages that are platform independent AMS enhancements of the TeX typesetting language; AMS, MAA, and SIAM combined membership lists for directory searches; EIMS (Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences); general information describing the Mathematical Review (MR) classification system; and guidelines for electronic submission to MR.