or type style  (tīp′stīl′)
n. Printing
A specific style of type, as Roman.
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Unless handwritten, the artist's texts are made with either a Royal or an Olympia typewriter, forcing a uniform typestyle.
com sells white, gray, and patterned envelopes, with typestyle and ink color customization offered on select products.
The typestyle is appropriate and fairly large, easy to read, and all exemplars are ready to be photocopied or easily reproduced on an overhead.
Other ads showed a black horse and a white horse copulating, three identical human hearts labelled "black," "white" and "yellow," human genitals in various colours and close-ups of various parts of the human body tattooed with the words "HIV Positive" in the typestyle of Nazi concentration camps.
13) As shown in Figure 1, Aztec glyphs rimmed the top and bottom of the cover, yet the typestyle was Art Nouveau.
Instructions should be in a different typestyle (such as bold print, underlined, upper case or in brackets).
They have incorporated an updated, easier-to-read typestyle with cleaner graphics that will hopefully allow you to peruse our pages effortlessly.
5) Employ typestyle and captions to communicate the nonpretentious character of Mendocino.
In general, you should keep your typestyle choices fairly simple, especially for smaller lettering.
Any arbitrary change in the visual characteristics of a display--a change in typestyle, a change in column measure, a change in color, a change in the pattern or grid used to arrange visual elements, for example--is very likely to be misinterpreted by the viewer as signaling something meaningful.
Meet typestyle requirements for width-to-height and stroke-to-height ratios.