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Typhoid fever.
adj. also ty·phoi·dal (tī-foid′l)
Of, relating to, or resembling typhoid fever.

[N., short for typhoid fever. Adj., typh(us) + -oid (from its resemblance to typhus).]
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(Pathology) of, relating to, or characteristic of typhoid fever
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Finally, Salmonella enterica isolated was evaluated through PCR amplification to determine whether it corresponded to typhoidal or non-typhoid serovars.
Oropharyngeal, oculoglandular, and typhoidal tularemia occur less frequently (7).
The strength of our study is that it included culture positive cases of typhoid fever with laboratory proven cases of common non typhoidal febrile illness like malaria and AVH etc.
'There are multitudes of organisms that are waterborne if it is e.coli you could get diarrhoea if it is Salmonella you could also get diarrhoea and some typhoidal kind if illness.
Typhoidal Salmonella (TS) serotypes (Typhi, Paratyphi A and B) are restricted to humans and cause 13.5 million annual episodes of typhoid fever, especially in low- and middleincome countries.
Study population includes 100 clinically suspected typhoid fever cases (irrespective of age and sex) were selected on the basis of following criteria of Fever for > 3 days, with no obvious focus of infection, Abdominal discomfort, constipation or loose motion, Coated tongue, toxic look, Hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, Relative bradycardia, rose spot etc 7and 40 controls comprising 20 healthy and 20 non typhoidal
This might be due to the fact that typhoidal perforation are seen in young age group 20-30 years.
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Evaluation of the current trend of Nalidixic Acid succeptibility in typhoidal Salmonella; a marker of therapeutic failure for the fluoroquionolones.
The local communities in Porehu District using Sikala plants (Etlingera elatior) as a traditional medicine plants to curing the sickness, especially the symptoms of typhoidal fever.
Chronic carriage of non-typhoidal Salmonella serovars (NTS), such as serovar Enteritidis, occurs in 0.5% of cases, compared to 3% of typhoidal serovars (7).