typhus fever

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Noun1.typhus fever - rickettsial disease transmitted by body lice and characterized by skin rash and high fevertyphus fever - rickettsial disease transmitted by body lice and characterized by skin rash and high fever
rickettsial disease, rickettsiosis - infectious disease caused by ticks or mites or body lice infected with rickettsial bacteria
endemic typhus, murine typhus, rat typhus, urban typhus - acute infection caused by rickettsia and transmitted by the bite of an infected flea; characterized by fever and chills and muscle aches and a rash
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ud cure a chap as was makin' ready for typhus fever.
On that same occasion I learned, for the first time, from Miss Abbot's communications to Bessie, that my father had been a poor clergyman; that my mother had married him against the wishes of her friends, who considered the match beneath her; that my grandfather Reed was so irritated at her disobedience, he cut her off without a shilling; that after my mother and father had been married a year, the latter caught the typhus fever while visiting among the poor of a large manufacturing town where his curacy was situated, and where that disease was then prevalent: that my mother took the infection from him, and both died within a month of each other.
I carried the infection of crime with me, and she has caught it as she would the typhus fever, the cholera, the plague
Just as he reached his thirteenth year, and his father had settled that he was strong enough to go to school, and, after much debating with himself, had resolved to send him there, a desperate typhus fever broke out in the town.
Serological evidence for wide distribution of spotted fevers and typhus fever in Tamil Nadu.
A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the spotted fever group (R rickettsii, R akari, and R conorii) and typhus fever group of rickettsial agents (R typhi and R prowazekii) were negative.
After the victory of the Serbian army at Cer and the Battle of Kolubara, Dr Avram Jozef Vinaver arrived in Gevgelia with his unit (Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia today), where, exhausted by myocardial typhus fever that he had suffered earlier, he contracted malaria and died in 1915.
A study of murine typhus fever in Coffee County, Alabama.
She, like Nightingale, was a nurse but died aged 35 from typhus fever after she devoted herself to her work.
Jones, who was described by Florence Nightingale as "one of the most valuable lives in England", was a nurse who died from typhus fever at the age of 35.
He was treated with Chloramphenicol for typhus fever and the fever subsided in 48 h.