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Noun1.typing pool - a group of typists who can work for different personstyping pool - a group of typists who can work for different persons
pool - an organization of people or resources that can be shared; "a car pool"; "a secretarial pool"; "when he was first hired he was assigned to the pool"
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In the 80s, we feared computerisation would leave the typing pool redundant.
And the stench has polluted the BBC, which ought to be showing other industries the way, not carrying on as if it were running some sort of 1950s typing pool.
Cole's life is dull and solitary, defined by his job in the typing pool at the New Yorker, and his hours spent reading and writing.
The first half of the set saw Seror's keyboard and Norbye Halvorsen's electronics console facing each other across a common table like a couple of temp secretaries in typing pool, circa 1953.
There was a large typing pool and pretty much everyone there had a typewriter of some form.
I recall a similar situation in the 1980s at my place of work where the office joker did exactly the same nearly every time he visited a typing pool of six ladies.
After an initial turndown, two jobs opened, one in the typing pool and one in the editorial library.
We know there are a number of informal groups of former workers who get together for lunch now and again - and ladies from the typing pool who meet to go on outings - so it would be nice to get them all together at Meltham.
Just when you think Hollywood has run out of original stories about the senselessness of war comes a farfromperfunctory war drama with a fresh perspective: Plucked out of the typing pool, Norman's training is limited to typing 60 words per minute, so he'd rather get shot at than blow enemies' heads off.
Smith played a blinder, as actress and singer, while the feel-good factor was heightened by shots of the proud former workmates of Swinging Cilla in the typing pool, and Bobby in the bakery, listening to the number one hit on the radio, along with Cil's proud parents.
CILLA (9pm ITV) IT'S 1963 and if young Cilla Black's career ever does take off she'll be a huge loss to the typing pool at British Insulated Calendar Cables.