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An amine, C8H11NO, that is formed from the breakdown of tyrosine, is found in red wine, many aged and fermented foods, and mistletoe, and is a sympathomimetic agent.


(ˈtaɪrəˌmiːn; ˈtɪ-)
(Biochemistry) a colourless crystalline amine derived from phenol and found in ripe cheese, ergot, decayed animal tissue, and mistletoe and used for its sympathomimetic action; 4-hydroxyphenethylamine. Formula: (C2H4NH2)C6H4OH
[C20: from tyr(osine) + amine]


(ˈtaɪ rəˌmin)

an amine, C8H11NO, abundant in ripe cheese as a breakdown product of tyrosine.
[1905–10; tyr (osine) + amine]
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Noun1.tyramine - amino acid derived from tyrosine; has a sympathomimetic action; found in chocolate and cola drinks and ripe cheese and beer; "patients taking MAOIs should avoid foods containing tyramine"
amino acid, aminoalkanoic acid - organic compounds containing an amino group and a carboxylic acid group; "proteins are composed of various proportions of about 20 common amino acids"


n tiramina
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Summary: The interactions of [beta]-phenylethylamine ([beta]-PEA) and tyramine with adrenergic receptor [beta]2 (ADR[beta]2) were studied by molecular docking and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation methods.
14-23,47,A) described the pharmacology of MAOIs, the mechanism by which tyramine induces hypertension in patients taking MAOIs, and what to tell patients about dietary restrictions associated with these medications.
CHEESE Soft cheese is fine but hard cheese, such as Cheddar, contains high levels of the amino acid tyramine, which makes the brain feel very alert.
Eight biogenic amines were investigated on wines, according to standards of putrescine (PUT) dihydrochloride, spermidine (SPD) trihydrochloride, spermine (SPM) tetrahydrochloride, agmatine (AGM) sulfate, cadaverine (CAD) dihydrochloride, serotonine (SRT) hydrochloride, histamine (HIM) dihydrochloride, tyramine (TYM), tryptamine (TRM) and 2-phenylethylamine (PHM) dihydrochloride purchased from Sigma Chemical Co.
Perfusion of the ventricular myocardium with tyramine can also cause the release of catecholamines from the epinephrinergic nerve endings, potentiating the contractility of the ventricular myocardium.
Summary: "The triggers for primary headaches can be certain foods, such as processed meats that contain tyramine, lack of sleep, skipped meals, changes in weather and stress.
Tyramine or benzylamine was added to the medium in order to obtain 1 mM concentration and to serve as substrates for AO activities, as already stated [29].
Tyramine is a substance found in foods such as aged cheeses, chocolate, cured meats, hot dogs, sausages, soy sauce, and sauerkraut.
27] However, food containing tyramine when taken by a depressed patient treated with tricyclic antidepressant or serotonin reuptake inhibitors will produce supra concentration of serotonin.
Names: doxycycline, tetracycline (MAOIs) Antidepressants- Foods that contain high Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors: amounts of tyramine can spike Treat depression by balancing blood pressure.
And aged cheese, red wine and processed meats can contain tyramine, a compound that can cause the brain to release norepinephrine, a stimulant.
They are biologically active compounds with aliphatic (putrescine, spermidine, spermine), aromatic (dopamine, tyramine, phenylethylamine), or heterocyclic (histamine, serotonin) structures.