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 (tĭ-răn′ĭ-kəl, tī-) also ty·ran·nic (-răn′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to a tyrant or tyranny: a tyrannical government.
2. Characteristic of a tyrant or tyranny; despotic and oppressive: a tyrannical supervisor. See Synonyms at dictatorial.

ty·ran′ni·cal·ly adv.
ty·ran′ni·cal·ness n.
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meî harîstjórn


[tɪˈrænɪkəlɪ] ADVtiránicamente
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[tɪˈrænɪklɪ] advtirannicamente
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(ˈtairənt) noun
a cruel and unjust ruler. The people suffered under foreign tyrants.
tyrannical (tiˈrӕnikəl) adjective , tyrannous (ˈtirənəs)
of or like a tyrant. a tyrannical ruler; His actions were tyrannous.
tyˈrannically, ˈtyrannously adverb
tyrannize, tyrannise (ˈti-) verb
to rule or treat (a person or people) cruelly and unjustly. He tyrannizes his family.
ˈtyranny (ˈti-) noun
an action, or the method of ruling, of a tyrant. People will always resist tyranny.
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References in classic literature ?
I could not picture a father treating a dying child as tyrannically and wickedly as I afterwards learned Heathcliff had treated him, to compel this apparent eagerness: his efforts redoubling the more imminently his avaricious and unfeeling plans were threatened with defeat by death.
The measures of the King and ministry were rendered more tyrannically violent by an opposition, which had not yet acquired sufficient confidence in its own strength to resist royal injustice with the sword.
I have been always tyrannically held down by the strong hand.
"I--wish--it," he said, tyrannically. "For your own sake also.
No matter how tyrannically they may behave, every Ghanaian needs the police to ensure his or her safety.
Throughout the play, Caliban eloquently expresses the wrong he has suffered and the freedom for which he longs and plots to regain, while Prospero belligerently and tyrannically insists on nothing more than complete submission.
By the summer of 1523, cracks were beginning to emerge aound the issue of paying the tithe, leading Grebel to grumble in a letter to Vadian on July 15 that "the people of our world of Zurich are doing everything tyrannically and like the Turk in this matter of the tithe." (34) Yet, indicating his own ambivalence toward Zwingli and the fact that his eye was on Nuremberg, he penned a letter the next day (July 16) recommending Zwingli's Schlussreden (exposition) to Vadian and suggesting the distribution of three hundred copies in the imperial city.
We have allowed the hygiene cult and advertising wizards to tyrannically control our thinking, tastes, and feelings.
There is no reason, however, to talk, particularly on non-negotiable issues, after all the efforts made by Iran and other major world powers are violated by France's allies easily and tyrannically, Qassemi said, referring to the US unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal.
"The image of literature to be found in ordinary culture is tyrannically centered on the author," Roland Barthes complained in his seminal essay, "The Death of the Author." "Criticism still consists for the most part in saying that Baudelaire's work is the failure of Baudelaire the man, Van Gogh's his madness, Tchaikovsky's his vice.
Then when he delivers them, behold, they behave tyrannically upon the earth without right." (21)
'The VC tried to run the institution tyrannically by sending all senior officials of the university on forced leave or deterring and harassing them,' he said, adding that Dr Aliya, the Dean of Social Sciences was forced to retire while the registrar and the controller examinations are on forced leaves and the university has no permanent treasurer.