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1. The killing of a tyrant or despot.
2. One who kills a tyrant or despot.

[Greek turannos, tyrant + -cide.]

ty·ran′ni·ci′dal (-sīd′l) adj.


1. the killing of a tyrant
2. a person who kills a tyrant
tyˌranniˈcidal adj


(tɪˈræn əˌsaɪd, taɪ-)

1. the act of killing a tyrant.
2. a person who kills a tyrant.
[1640–50; < Latin tyrrannicīdium (definition 1), tyrannicīda (definition 2). See tyrant, -i- -cide]
ty•ran`ni•cid′al, adj.


1. the killing of a tyrant.
2. the killer of a tyrant. — tyrannicidal, adj.
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Noun1.tyrannicide - killing a tyranttyrannicide - killing a tyrant      
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being


[tɪˈrænɪsaɪd] N (= act) → tiranicidio m; (= person) → tiranicida mf
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La revolution a rempli sa fonction tyrannicide mais a ouvert une boite de Pandore oo l'autorite de l'Etat laisse encore des plumes, avec une frenesie d'agitation sociale, une economie continuellement a l'etiage, des gouvernements oo l'improvisation le dispute au populisme le plus souvent demagogique avec une Troika qui ne savait pas y aller mais qui y abondait, puis avec d'autres successeurs issus des elections de 2014, si ankyloses et otages d'une classe politique acquise plus a l'exercice du pouvoir qu'a l'interet bien compris des Tunisiens qu'ils gerent la chose publique au jour le jour, en l'absence d'une vision claire et convenue et au travers de dispositifs dictes par l'urgence sans prise sur l'avenir.
Part 3, "The Politics and Performance of Emotion," includes: Andy Kesson, '"They that tread in a maze': Movement as Emotion in John Lyty" (177-99); Ann Kaegi, "(S)wept From Power: Two Versions of Tyrannicide in Richard III" (200-20); Frederika Bain, "The Affective Scripts of Early Modern Execution and Murder" (221-40); R.
As news of the assassination spread, Medici factions swore revenge against "Lorenzo the traitor," while anti-Medici exiles beyond Florence celebrated the heroism of the "Tuscan Brutus" whose tyrannicide invigorated the republican cause (xi).
Given the parallels between family and state, recognized perhaps most articulately by Aristotle in his Politics and implicitly alluded to both in the Tyrannicide of Lucian of Samosata on which Bilora is modeled and in Bilora itself, is the issue of whether it was ever justifiable for a member of the body politic to kill the body's ruler (Carroll, "Nontheistic" 88990; Greenblatt).
All of Juan Pablo Martir Rizos translations from Matthieu's biographies revolve around the controversial notion of reason of state, the question of tyrannicide, and a paramount philosophical and political concern all over Europe at the time: the limits and prerogatives of the royal favorite.
Apart from his bad argument from Genesis 9, his sole justification for tyrannicide is found in a "natural law" that one ought to amputate gangrenous limbs.
13) His fascination with execution shapes arguments in the Policraticus about public offices, civil law, mass spectacle, and tyrannicide.
As a Scot, Alexander was very well-versed in the tyrannicide debate.
As with the tyrannicide, the matricide is explainable (though morally repulsive) in terms of Clytemnestra's murder of Agamemnon and Apollo's divine mandate.
Thirty-two chapters are divided into six parts: state terror, tyrannicide, and terrorism in the pre-modern world; the emergence of modern terrorism; terrorism in the twentieth century; recent decades; critical themes in the history of terrorism; the historiography of terrorism.
Thomas Aquinas endorsed the right to resist tyrants in Summa Theologica and elsewhere, although he thought fear of tyrannicide drove princes to even worse behavior and so he preferred the examples of those martyred by Nero and Diocletian.
In 1779, during the midst of the American Revolution, thirty- four South Carolina slaves escaped aboard a British privateer and survived several naval battles until the Massachusetts brig Tyrannicide led them to Massachusetts.