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1. The killing of a tyrant or despot.
2. One who kills a tyrant or despot.

[Greek turannos, tyrant + -cide.]

ty·ran′ni·ci′dal (-sīd′l) adj.


1. the killing of a tyrant
2. a person who kills a tyrant
tyˌranniˈcidal adj


(tɪˈræn əˌsaɪd, taɪ-)

1. the act of killing a tyrant.
2. a person who kills a tyrant.
[1640–50; < Latin tyrrannicīdium (definition 1), tyrannicīda (definition 2). See tyrant, -i- -cide]
ty•ran`ni•cid′al, adj.


1. the killing of a tyrant.
2. the killer of a tyrant. — tyrannicidal, adj.
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Noun1.tyrannicide - killing a tyranttyrannicide - killing a tyrant      
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being


[tɪˈrænɪsaɪd] N (= act) → tiranicidio m; (= person) → tiranicida mf
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This new word, coined by the author to denote an old practice in its modern development, is made from the ancient Greek word genos (race, tribe) and the Latin cide (killing), thus corresponding in its formation to such words as tyrannicide, homicide, infanticide, etc.
Piccolomini M (1991) The Brutus Revival: Parricide and Tyrannicide
The use of religion for political ends and a murderous rampage resulting in the deaths of some 2,000 citizens of the capital, and between 5,000 and 10,000 in the rest of France, must have had a profound effect on the Thomist teacher, and years later they surely influenced his political philosophy, especially his thoughts on the limits of political power and his defense of tyrannicide.
Though four of these five events targeted heads of state, Dietze argues that they are not to be mistaken for the ancient practice of tyrannicide but are terrorist acts, defined as "a politically motivated strategy to use spectacular violence with the aim of eliciting a strong psychological effect in a society [...
Miola, "Julius Caesar and the Tyrannicide Debate," Renaissance Quarterly 38 (1985): 271-89.
La revolution a rempli sa fonction tyrannicide mais a ouvert une boite de Pandore oo l'autorite de l'Etat laisse encore des plumes, avec une frenesie d'agitation sociale, une economie continuellement a l'etiage, des gouvernements oo l'improvisation le dispute au populisme le plus souvent demagogique avec une Troika qui ne savait pas y aller mais qui y abondait, puis avec d'autres successeurs issus des elections de 2014, si ankyloses et otages d'une classe politique acquise plus a l'exercice du pouvoir qu'a l'interet bien compris des Tunisiens qu'ils gerent la chose publique au jour le jour, en l'absence d'une vision claire et convenue et au travers de dispositifs dictes par l'urgence sans prise sur l'avenir.
As news of the assassination spread, Medici factions swore revenge against "Lorenzo the traitor," while anti-Medici exiles beyond Florence celebrated the heroism of the "Tuscan Brutus" whose tyrannicide invigorated the republican cause (xi).
Although the title character of the play seemed to be a mere marketing trick to attract the audience to a newly established playhouse with a popular character, as Julius Caesar was murdered in the beginning of Act III, the very fact of his absence almost from the entire play afterwards formed the contextual political debate prominent in the Elizabethan period: that is, amid dissatisfaction with the present Elizabethan regime, whether tyrannicide could be approved or not.
Given the parallels between family and state, recognized perhaps most articulately by Aristotle in his Politics and implicitly alluded to both in the Tyrannicide of Lucian of Samosata on which Bilora is modeled and in Bilora itself, is the issue of whether it was ever justifiable for a member of the body politic to kill the body's ruler (Carroll, "Nontheistic" 88990; Greenblatt).