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or zi·zith  (tsē-tsēt′, tsĭt′sĭs)
pl.n. Judaism
1. The knotted tassels of thread, symbolizing the 613 commandments in the Hebrew Scriptures, attached to the corners of a tallit or other garment.
2. An undergarment bearing these tassels, worn by men or boys. Used with a singular verb.

[Hebrew ṣîṣīt, tassel, fringe; see ṣy in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈtsɪtsɪt; Hebrew tsitˈsiːt)
pl n
(Judaism) the fringes or tassels on the corners of the tallit
[from Hebrew, literally: tassel]
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Benny Friedman, a Hasidic musician and Gopin's son-in-law, tweeted a photo of the victim's blood-stained tzitzit. "This is absolutely frightening," Friedman wrote, "and obviously something that a civilization should never tolerate."
It is most likely that the biblical tekhelet, a bluish cord that was mandated in Numbers 15:38 to be affixed to the corner fringes (tzitzit), was derived from this dye.
Redesigning Tzitzit in the Babylonian Talmud in Light of Literary Depictions of the Zoroastrian Kustig.
The children attend a Jewish school, women are to dress modestly, and some Orthodox Jewish men wear a small cloak under their shirts with fringes (tzitzit) hanging from each corner.
Beginning with the aforementioned ideal of monotheism, the passages that follow impel the speaker to love God, teach Judaism to one's children, recognize divine reward and punishment, and to fulfill the positive commandments of tefillin, (1) mezuzah, (2) and tzitzit (3) (Telushkin, 667).
8: Unlike many Orthodox Jews, Jared Kushner does not keep his head covered with a hat or yarmulke (skullcap), and does not wear tzitzit (a ritual garment with knotted fringes that are visible below a shirt).
Tzitzit, ritual knotted fringes worn by Orthodox Jews on the corners of four-cornered garments, might present a problem for some employers if the Tzitzit are visible.
"I have no problem going out with tzitzit (ritual fringes) and a hat.
Within this framework, all other Jewish cultures, histories, traditions, foods, costumes, and customs were deemed "inauthentic," "nonreligious," and "wrong." Lily Jacob noted that a few Indian-Jewish families adopted Hasidic or ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazic dress that included wearing kipot, (36) tzitzit, (37) black suits, and hats daily, which were not costume practices of religious Indian-Jewish communities.
In September of this year, its glossy cover showed a pensive bearded gentleman with kippah and tzitzit, the director of a Jewish center, seated next to a red Soviet-style banner, the kind that used to proclaim the glory of the Communist Party.