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Noun1.u-drive - a rented caru-drive - a rented car; "she picked up a hire car at the airport and drove to her hotel"
lease, letting, rental - property that is leased or rented out or let
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Unlike standard oil-free compressors, which have a single motor and mechanical gearbox design to drive the low and high pressure air ends, Ultima uses the U-Drive concept - two, high-efficiency, permanent magnet motors which replace the gearbox and single motor.
Similarly to the little green U-Drive rent-a-cars bikers can rent out scooters across the city.
Richard Stock, of U-Drive, Bristol, said: "The system has fallen over a dozen times."
U-Drive Rent A Car and Pedros bowed out at the league stage.
First Motors, one of Bahrain's largest Hyundai dealerships, said it has handed over vehicles to car rental company U-Drive in line with its plans to provide customised fleet solutions.
The firm has announced that it is now offering a new U-Drive Adventure Holidays and Adventure Travel Tours programme.
FY11 results also reveal bigger demand in the northern capital for Uniastrum's U-Drive auto loan programs, which borrowers can use to buy new or secondhand vehicles, automatically receiving a credit card into the bargain with a spending limit equal to 10% of the principal.
ALAN Cox of Cowlersley sent me the packaging from a U-Drive triple cigar socket that will fit any car.
If you're a hearty soul, we still think the best U-cut is the one where U-drive, U-hike and U hopefully don't freeze to death.
But that same year General Motors expanded its car buyback program with rental fleets, a move that prompted U-drive agencies to drop individual outlets like Windward Nissan.
Two service stations, Oshiro Service and U-Drive (565-6952) and Lanai City Service (565-7227), rent 25 four-wheeldrives and jeeps, as well as cars; make arrangements with either before you leave home.