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A thick Japanese noodle made with wheat flour, usually served in soup or broth.

[Japanese, wheat noodle.]
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(Cookery) (in Japanese cookery) large noodles made of wheat flour
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In an experiment that began in January, they have succeeded in producing about 10 grams of 100 percent-density ethanol from 100 grams of frozen udon. In the test, the finely cut noodles were mixed with enzymes to melt them before adding yeast for fermentation and distillation.
The state of emergency remains in effect in Bangkok and in the provinces of Samut Prakarn, Nonthaburi, Patum Thani, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima and Udon Thani.
Callum's ginger chicken udon (pounds 8.10) was teppan-fried udon noodles with chicken, egg, beansprouts, red and spring onions, mangetout and chilli, garnished with pickled ginger and coriander.
The Bangkok Post quoted Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul as saying that he was confident that security forces can control the political situation, especially in the four hotspot northeastern provinces of Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen and Mukdahan.
In his introduction, Yagihashi describes the gamut: "hearty buckwheat soba, chewy udon, vermicelli-like somen, and Chinese noodles, or ramen, which is extremely popular throughout the country.
Serve your fresh tomato sauce tossed with angel hair pasta, whole wheat or buckwheat udon, rice or wheat vermicelli, or spinach fettucini or over freshly steamed or grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, or grilled tofu.
Acting on a tip-off, police arrested Flannaghan and seized heroin from him in April last year as he got off a bus in Bangkok from north-eastern Udon Thani province.
Operations are scheduled to begin on 1 June 2004, with services to Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Phitsanulok, Phuket and Hat Yai.
His father gave up his previous day job as a photographer and started a noodle shop, one of the very first in Hawaii to serve Japanese tourists homesick for a tasty bowl of udon.
Japan-affiliated and local companies are increasingly exporting ''udon'' noodles made with Australian organic wheat to Japan as goods of the highest quality.
In this country, the sounds of praise for noodles from the Japanese udon to the Vietnamese banh pho have reached an all-time high, and restaurateurs, cookbook authors, and specialty retailers are listening.