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The study of unidentified flying objects.

[UFO + -logy.]

u′fo·log′i·cal (yo͞o′fə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
u·fol′o·gist n.
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[ˌjuːˈfɒlədʒɪst] Nufólogo/a m/f
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nUfologe m, → Ufologin f
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The UFOlogist noted that the only thing better than stumbling on the alien sculpture is finding actual images of the aliens themselves walking on Mars.
Robbie Williams, 44, began studying sightings in 2008 and wanted to be "a full-time ufologist".
(51) In 1959 one LD Atkinson suggested sarcastically that the outlook of Dr Billy Graham (who had begun his successful Australian crusade two months earlier) and that of George Adampski, the ufologist, were very similar, for '[b]oth awaited a sign from an extra-terrestrial being'.
A ufologist got in touch with me at the radio station at the time and claimed that an advanced engine recovered from a UFO crash in Cumbria was being carried in that Army tanker, and that is why it was snatched by 'them'.
There's also an estranged father, a lesbian lover and a 'Ufologist' to investigate.
There's also an estranged father, a lesbian lover and a "Ufologist" to investigate.
Synopsis: In 1972, American astronomer and ufologist J.
"The Skies of Mars" takes place in 2265, on Mars, where Agent Raaf Krusen, the last UFOlogist, interviews retired Sheriff Gerald Corbett about his personal experiences with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) over the skies of Viking Colony at Terra Meridiani over a span of fifty years.
A pioneering ufologist who founded the influential Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention, Van Tassel claimed he was contacted by extraterrestrials--and even spent time with a visitor from Venus, who gave him a ride on a flying saucer.
[euro]e 67-year-old sought-after speaker and ufologist is claiming a stretch of road between Swansea and Cardi is a "hotspot" of alien activity Hilary says she was so traumatised by her abduction that she was too scared to return to Wales for four decades.
The video of the bizarre celestial object, which looks like a spacecraft complete with vapour trail has been uploaded to YouTube by Ufologist Streetcap1 under the heading 'Mars ufo?' ( ANI )
Shaun returns to UK soil to explore some strange encounters closer to home, he meets British Ufologist Nick Pope, who tells an excited Shaun about a mysterious UFO sighting that occurred over an RAF base in Cosford.