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adj. ug·li·er, ug·li·est
1. Displeasing to the eye; unsightly.
a. Repulsive or offensive; objectionable: an ugly remark.
b. Chiefly Southern US Rude: Don't be ugly with me.
c. New England Unmanageable. Used of animals, especially cows or horses.
3. Morally reprehensible; bad.
4. Threatening or ominous: ugly black clouds.
a. Likely to cause embarrassment or trouble: "Public opinion in both nations could take an ugly turn" (George R. Packard).
b. Marked by or inclined to anger or bad feelings; disagreeable: an ugly temper; an ugly scene.
n. pl. ug·lies Informal
One that is ugly.

[Middle English, frightful, repulsive, from Old Norse uggligr, from uggr, fear.]

ug′li·ly adv.
ug′li·ness n.
Synonyms: ugly, grotesque, hideous, ill-favored, unsightly
These adjectives mean offensive to the sense of sight: ugly furniture; a grotesque monster; a hideous scar; an ill-favored countenance; an unsightly billboard.
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At a time when vexed questions surrounding national identity are uglily severing the country from Europe's side, there is something emboldening in the way villages and towns cast aside their auld claes and porridge.
I haven't seen any cost mentioned but it must be several thousand pounds and it uglily occupies a prominent position outside the listed St Thomas church.
'And you think we shall be satisfied with your bare word?' he said uglily" [292]).