uilleann pipe

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uil·leann pipe

also uil·lean pipe  (ĭl′ən, -yən)
n. often uilleann pipes
A Celtic bagpipe whose air supply is produced by a bellows held under the arm and operated by the elbow.

[Irish Gaelic, genitive of uillinn, elbow, from Old Irish uilenn; see el- in Indo-European roots.]
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He's gathered together some serious talent to pull it off though, joining forces with Maartin Allcock from Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull, uillean pipe player Troy Donockley and Irish violinist Eimear Bradley.
Fusing traditional Irish music with trance or jazz, he is widely considered to be one of the best flute, whistle and Uillean pipe players of his generation.
Will Zadok the Priest be played on uillean pipes? Will the special party conference to acclaim her be moved from Dublin to Westminster Abbey?
Specialising in flute, whistle and uillean pipes, he was recognised in the BBC Young Tradition award more than 20 years ago.
Specialising in flute, whistle and Uillean pipes he was recognised in the BBC Young Tradition award over 20 years ago -- he has since won the Radio 2 Folk Awards Instrumentalist of the Year twice and has racked up a bewildering list of recordings and appearances over an exhausting career to date.
ever tempered by the desire to allow the tune to speak for itself.'' Instruments include flute, tin whistle, fiddle, guitar, button accordion, bouzouki, bodhran and uillean pipes with vocals in Irish and English.
While she alternated between guitar and piano, her band supported with additional keyboards, bass, percussion and the many instruments of Donockley - including guitars, whistles, bazouki and the haunting Uillean pipes.
David Brewer plays highland bagpipes, border pipes, uillean pipes, whistles and bodran.
All the standard instruments are represented in vibrant full color photos including bodhran, concertina, uillean pipes, and voice.
A master of flutes, whistles and Uillean pipes, he is a founding member of Flook and Lunasa and a current member of the group Capercaillie.
They include harpists Catrin Finch and Robin Huw Bowen, crwth player Cass Meurig, the Breton-born mother and daughters who sing together as The Kloaregs, Ceri Rhys Matthews and Julie Murphy, who have children in common as well as the group Fernhill, the Aberystwyth JUST READ Steve Dub Having used his camera and pen to praise horses in Wales in his first book, Hoofpicks, published last year, Cardwell, who plays guitar, flute, violin, citrain and Uillean pipes in The Backroom Band, turns to another love of his life with a celebration of acoustic musicians in Wales.
No uillean pipes, no fiddles, and when you think about traditions, no U2, or like nothing before Achtung Baby and definitely no Sunday Bloody Sunday."