uilleann pipe

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uil·leann pipe

also uil·lean pipe  (ĭl′ən, -yən)
n. often uilleann pipes
A Celtic bagpipe whose air supply is produced by a bellows held under the arm and operated by the elbow.

[Irish Gaelic, genitive of uillinn, elbow, from Old Irish uilenn; see el- in Indo-European roots.]
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The musicians will explain their traditional Irish instruments, including the uilleann pipe and the bodhran (Celtic drum).
"My one concern when I'm playing is that the pipes will let me down, and I pray that they won't get a puncture," he says, apparently a common fear among uilleann pipe players.
UO musicologist and uilleann pipe player Eliot Grasso is in concert with Scottish fiddler Brandon Vance and guitarist Glen Waddell.
For those not familiar with Northumbrian pipes they are akin to the Irish uilleann pipe - played underarm rather than over the shoulder in the more warlike tradition of the Scottish bagpipe - and folklore relates that shepherds and herdsmen played them to lull their beasts to slumber.
In the first section of the poem, a scholar will be released if he can find Two words, as opposite as his and hers Which yet must be as close As the word clos to its meaning in a Scots courtyard, Close to the spailpin ships, or as close as the note On the uilleann pipe to the same note on the fiddle--
Hear snippets of Grasso's uilleann pipe playing from his "Standing Room Only" CD at cdbaby.com/cd/eliotgrasso.
Kavan Donohue will be showing off his guitar skills and is also well-known for his uilleann pipe and harp work.
MICHAEL D YESTERDAY Mr Kierans also said there was "great excitement" around at welcoming their first Brazilian competitor Alex Navare, who plays the uilleann pipes.
He has been playing the Irish uilleann pipes for thirty-six years and teaches the instrument in Boston.
Over the years, his mastery has expanded to encompass whistles, Scottish smallpipes, or reelpipes, and Irish uilleann pipes.
His mastery has expanded to encompass whistles, Scottish smallpipes, or reelpipes and Irish uilleann pipes. He was also one of the first Scottish artists to forge dynamic links with his Celtic cousins in Brittany and north-west Spain, adding further to his repertoire of influences and tunes.
The music is traditional, raw and unique, uniting some of Ireland's most loved national instruments, the fiddle driving frenetic reels, the Bodhran beating out the driving rhythms of the band and the plaintive Uilleann pipes calling back with beautiful and haunting slow airs.