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If I didn't take off Larry's lump it would get worse, would ulcerate and would probably spread around his little body.
The color can vary from red to black, and the lesion can ulcerate. A hemangioma can grow, making it prone to bruising, laceration, and infection.
Over the subsequent 2 months, the mass began to grow and ulcerate. At that time, veterinary consultation was obtained and a biopsy performed.
Still later, the lesion became painful and could ulcerate through the skin.
Blood pools in the foot and calf, causing significant swelling and weeping wounds that ulcerate and form sores.
Lesions may be vesicular or bullous and may become necrotic and ulcerate. Arthralgias, often of lower-extremity joints, may be present.
Subcutaneous bacterial, fungal, or atypical mycobacterial infections can present with tender nodules that can ulcerate and drain on the shins, feet, or any other body part.
In my experience most people prefer to have these lumps removed rather than wait for them to go as they tend get to damaged, ulcerate and bleed.