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v. ul·cer·at·ed, ul·cer·at·ing, ul·cer·ates
To develop an ulcer; become ulcerous.
To cause ulceration of.

ul′cer·a′tive (-sə-rā′tĭv, -sər-ə-tĭv) adj.
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(Pathology) to make or become ulcerous
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(ˈʌl səˌreɪt)

v. -at•ed, -at•ing. v.i.
1. to form an ulcer; become ulcerous.
2. to cause an ulcer on or in.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin]
ul`cer•a′tion, n.
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Past participle: ulcerated
Gerund: ulcerating

I ulcerate
you ulcerate
he/she/it ulcerates
we ulcerate
you ulcerate
they ulcerate
I ulcerated
you ulcerated
he/she/it ulcerated
we ulcerated
you ulcerated
they ulcerated
Present Continuous
I am ulcerating
you are ulcerating
he/she/it is ulcerating
we are ulcerating
you are ulcerating
they are ulcerating
Present Perfect
I have ulcerated
you have ulcerated
he/she/it has ulcerated
we have ulcerated
you have ulcerated
they have ulcerated
Past Continuous
I was ulcerating
you were ulcerating
he/she/it was ulcerating
we were ulcerating
you were ulcerating
they were ulcerating
Past Perfect
I had ulcerated
you had ulcerated
he/she/it had ulcerated
we had ulcerated
you had ulcerated
they had ulcerated
I will ulcerate
you will ulcerate
he/she/it will ulcerate
we will ulcerate
you will ulcerate
they will ulcerate
Future Perfect
I will have ulcerated
you will have ulcerated
he/she/it will have ulcerated
we will have ulcerated
you will have ulcerated
they will have ulcerated
Future Continuous
I will be ulcerating
you will be ulcerating
he/she/it will be ulcerating
we will be ulcerating
you will be ulcerating
they will be ulcerating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been ulcerating
you have been ulcerating
he/she/it has been ulcerating
we have been ulcerating
you have been ulcerating
they have been ulcerating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been ulcerating
you will have been ulcerating
he/she/it will have been ulcerating
we will have been ulcerating
you will have been ulcerating
they will have been ulcerating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been ulcerating
you had been ulcerating
he/she/it had been ulcerating
we had been ulcerating
you had been ulcerating
they had been ulcerating
I would ulcerate
you would ulcerate
he/she/it would ulcerate
we would ulcerate
you would ulcerate
they would ulcerate
Past Conditional
I would have ulcerated
you would have ulcerated
he/she/it would have ulcerated
we would have ulcerated
you would have ulcerated
they would have ulcerated
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Verb1.ulcerate - undergo ulcerationulcerate - undergo ulceration; "Her stomach ulcerated"
change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather changed last night"
2.ulcerate - affect with an ulcerulcerate - affect with an ulcer; "Her stomach was ulcerated"
affect - act physically on; have an effect upon; "the medicine affects my heart rate"
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A. VTulcerar
B. VIulcerarse
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vt stomachein Geschwür ntverursachen in (+dat); skinGeschwüre verursachen auf (+dat); woundeitern lassen
vi (stomach)ein Geschwür ntbilden or bekommen; (skin)geschwürig werden; (wound)eitern
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References in classic literature ?
All loathing did I once vow to renounce: then did ye change my nigh ones and nearest ones into ulcerations. Ah, whither did my noblest vow then flee?
But as the stumps of harpoons are frequently found in the dead bodies of captured whales, with the flesh perfectly healed around them, and no prominence of any kind to denote their place; therefore, there must needs have been some other unknown reason in the present case fully to account for the ulceration alluded to.
* Primary herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) infection is generally subclinical, but some patients develop significant oral disease--called primary herpetic gingivostomatitis--that's characterized by painful diffuse, irregular, crop-like ulcerations throughout the oral cavity and lips (1) (FIGURE 1).
Partial calcanectomy for the treatment of recalcitrant heel ulcerations. J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 2005;95:335-41.
This would be directly linked with the locational ulcerations risks, though subjects in this study not yet showing any sign of ulcers.
Prognosis is favorable with consistent care; if not, signs can lead to recurring conjunctivitis, corneal ulcerations and blindness.
The 93 conditions illustrated and described are in sections on arterial disease, venous disease, limb edema, limb ulcerations, environmental vascular disease, vascular malformations, vascular tumors, and fungal infections.
Given their anatomic location and painless nature, some patients may be hesitant reporting these ulcerations. Therefore, the incidence of these lesions in patients receiving ATRA therapy is probably underestimated.
Acute gastrointestinal ulcerations and erosions (stress ulcers) are common in major trauma victims and in intensive care units.
The role that microorganisms play in maintaining and healing oral ulcerations after chemo- and radiation therapy is not yet clear [9].
There are also reports claiming minor traumas as a cause of pseudo-Kaposi sarcoma.1 Intractable cutaneous ulcers may complicate Klippel- Trenaunay syndrome.2 We report a case of Klippel-Trenaunay sundrome with extensive ulcerations developing in the port-wine stain and a solitary pseudo-Kaposi sarcoma.
Alendronate-related oral mucosa ulcerations. J Oral Pathol Med 2000;29(10):514-18.