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Noun1.ulteriority - the quality of being ulterior; "their conversation was limited to ulteriorities"; "a terrible feeling of ulteriority"; "his stories were too susceptible to ulteriority"
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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attempts to lift motives from ulteriority into a place where they can be
The ulteriority of the persistently ticking watch, the biological clock, as it were, opposed to the gold--the sexual opposed to the imaginative and mental--parallels the ulteriority of "arose" as opposed to "a rose," "arose" operating as the unacknowledged element in the binary of romance, love pitching "his mansion in / The place of excrement," according to Yeats's Crazy Jane, certainly Emily's match at being "proud and stiff / When on love intent" (254-55).
In the essay "The Constant Symbol," the preface of his Collected Poems of 1946, he called this symbolizing power "ulteriority." The "chiefest" of the things he has to say about poetry, he announces, "is metaphor, saying one thing and meaning another, the pleasure of ulteriority....
To refer to Hegel means coming to terms with a thinker who is radically convinced that the negative constitutes the true soul of the "dialectic movement." And yet, not even in this theoretical horizon the real ulteriority of non-other was thought.