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Conservative to an extreme, especially in political beliefs; reactionary.
One who is extremely conservative.

ul′tra·con·ser′va·tism n.
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extreme conservatism, especially in politics. — ultraconservative, n., adj.
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Cinema houses, shut down in the 1980s during a wave of ultraconservatism, are returning to the Kingdom.
Cinemas were shut down in the 1980s during a wave of ultraconservatism.
A handful of studies have critically examined the interchangeable use of Salafism with terrorism and ultraconservatism (Chabkoun, 2014).
FUNDAMENTALISM in the Arrow-convened study covers broader ground than the common concept of religious ultraconservatism. Mangala Namasivayam, senior programme officer of Arrow, defined it as the rigid interpretation of religion forced upon others that results in the creation of intolerant communities.
In all phases of human activity the tendency of the masses has been invariably towards ultraconservatism. Progress has been accomplished only by reason of the fanatical enthusiasm of the revolutionist, whose extreme teaching has saved the mass from utter inertia.