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Its walls, painted in sweet and ultrafeminine candy colors, are decorated with the designer's pieces.
Inspired by Dior and Emilia Wickstead, the ultrafeminine collection is perfect for summer.
The simple, ultrafeminine pieces draw inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature, with silver charm bracelets evoking budding magnolia blossoms, platinum engagement rings influenced by hydrangea, and 18-karat gold, pearl, and diamond designs that suggest the underside of a flower.
We toned down the ultrafeminine look with Roman shades in a simple pinstripe, solid bedding, and a reading nook composed of a midcentury-style armchair and a swing-arm floor lamp.
New lines, new vision, new approach in fashion -- that's Karoline Lang, where the designer Karine Tawil is known for her style that sculpts the body of us women in an architectural way with ultrafeminine silhouette.
It also conjures nostalgia for a time when young women were ultrafeminine, addresses the contemporary trend to explore the subconscious in order to unearth repressed memories of sexual abuse, and belittles the possibility that seemingly innocent intimacy might constitute sexual aggression.
When Star Trek debuted in 1966, it offered the American viewing public a fantasy vision of female astronauts very different from the only one offered by reality--the Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, whose appearance the American press characterized as "mannish." (11) Indeed, Lieutenant Uhura, Nurse Chapel, and Yeoman Rand may have soothed anxiety over the possibility of defeminization by appearing and acting ultrafeminine, overcompensation for their relinquishing of domesticity and their adopting of scientific or technological career fields within an organizational structure patterned after the military.
Ashima-Leena's ultrafeminine designs, use of light fabrics, and intricate detailing are popular amongst India's well-heeled set and overseas brides.
Byrd" Hosch, a hefty butch with short gray hair and a delicate voice that makes Dolly Parton's ultrafeminine drawl sound like a jackhammer.
Areturn to luxury, a dash of glam, asense of playfulness and all things ultrafeminine. If the first few looks are to go by, this is the fashion follower's dream autumn- winter.
FAR EAST FABRICS Floaty fabrics in bright colours, often with several contrasting shades used together, are a seductive way to dress windows or equally as effective as ultrafeminine hangings for a four-poster bed.
Film-maker Jane Preston's Cutting Edge film documents Hamilton's transgender journey to become Jan, revealing an intimate portrait of a remarkable year, as the alpha-male paratrooper transforms into an ultrafeminine woman.