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1. (Chemistry) a filter with small pores used to separate very small particles from a suspension or colloidal solution
2. (Tools) a filter with small pores used to separate very small particles from a suspension or colloidal solution
ultrafiltration n


(ˌʌl trəˈfɪl tər)

1. a filter for purifying sols, having a membrane with pores sufficiently small to prevent the passage of the suspended particles.
2. to purify by means of an ultrafilter.
ul`tra•fil•tra′tion (-ˈtreɪ ʃən) n.
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An efficient ultrafilter can reduce endotoxins to less than 0.
We are adding shifts at many of our plants and have invested additional resources in our engine aftermarket, industrial air filtration and Ultrafilter business to capitalize on upcoming growth opportunities in their rebounding markets.
Donaldson expects to report strong worldwide engine and disk drive sales, a small improvement in industrial air filtration and Ultrafilter sales, and an improved outlook for gas turbine sales.
The Life Sciences and Hybrid models also include a new built-in ultrafilter module, freeing the fourth filter housing for an additional deionization cartridge, giving the customer even more total pure water production capacity between filter changes.
Ultrafilter is expecting continued sales growth, driven by
9 percent, primarily reflecting the impact of ultrafilter.
8 ultrafilter camera dialysis type AK 96; CPV 33181200-4Package No.
The better-than-expected integration of ultrafilter.
With the advent of various micropartition systems, typically as developed by Amicon, it became simple to ultrafilter serum and to obtain an apparent measure of the ultrafiltrable calcium fraction (UFCa).
The simultaneous addition of ultrafilter and sharp contraction of gas turbine, accompanied by the dramatic swing in foreign exchange, makes it hard to see the trends in our results.
The recently-acquired ultrafilter business performed well in its first quarter as part of Donaldson.
The company is continuing to focus on product cost reductions, manufacturing infrastructure improvements, discretionary expense controls, and completing the integration of recently acquired ultrafilter.