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 (ŭl′trə-līt′, ŭl′trə-līt′)
Any of various very light recreational aircraft having a single seat or two seats, a very small engine, and usually a fixed wing. Early ultralights were essentially motorized hang gliders.
1. Very light.
2. Relating to or being an ultralight.


1. weighing very little
2. (Aeronautics) aviation relating to an aircraft that weighs very little
(Aeronautics) aviation an aircraft that weighs very little


(adj. ˌʌl trəˈlaɪt, ˈʌl trəˌlaɪt; n. ˈʌl trəˌlaɪt)

1. extremely lightweight in comparison with others of its kind.
2. something that is ultralight.
3. a light single-seat airplane.


A. ADJultraligero
B. N (Aer) → ultraligero m
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A helicopter and an ultralight plane have collided mid-air in Majorca, killing at least seven people, BBCsaid.
Mallorca : Seven people were killed when a helicopter collided with an ultralight plane mid-air over the Spanish island of Mallorca on Sunday.
The annual fest will run for three days and will also feature aerial shows, balloon night glow, ultralight, paramotor exhibition, car shows, off-road and rallycross and fireworks display.
Department of Defense (DoD) has selected SIG SAUER's Electro-Optics TANGO6T 1-6x24 Second Focal Plane (SFP) Riflescope and ALPHA4 Ultralight Mount for use by Special Operations Forces.
Six years of working on 'Ultralight Aircraft', a Philippines man conducted first successful test flight of his homemade flying car.
The material, known as an aerogel, is the most porous material known to man and ultralight, with a piece the size of a family car weighing less than a kilogram.
Wilkinson Sword Ultralight Bypass Loppers, PS29.99, wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk If you're looking for a tool that's especially lightweight, without sacrificing any cutting power, these Ultralight Bypass Loppers are the ideal option.
An ultralight aircraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean east of Taitung County, but neither of the two passengers was seriously injured, reports said Saturday.
B'TWIN 500 Ultralight windproof cycling jacket You never know what the weather will bring on a bike ride, so a useful jacket is a must.