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A microtome for cutting very thin sections of material for use in electron microscopy.

ul′tra·mi·crot′o·my (-mī-krŏt′ə-mē) n.


(Biology) microscopy the practice of using an ultramicrotome
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The preparation techniques are the conventional and chemical techniques associated: Polishing, Tripod, Pips, Ultramicrotomy, Fib .
The sample preparation was carried out using an ultramicrotomy with a Leica Ultracut UCT (Leica Microsystems GmbH, Vienna, Austria).
The pretreated samples were used for ultramicrotomy and collected on copper grids, and the obtained sections were then stained and observed using a transmission electron microscope (JEM-2000EX, JEDL, Japan).
We collected thin sections (80 nm) by ultramicrotomy onto copper 300-mesh thin bar grids and contrasted the sections in lead citrate and uranyl acetate.
Leica will manage the new business from its Ultramicrotomy facility in Vienna, Austria.