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The effects of sectioning thickness and speed on the morphology and stiffness of the sectioned surface of a glassy polymer during nanosectioning were investigated by ultramicrotomy and atomic force microscopy.
The adoption of minimal invasive surgical techniques, such as ultramicrotomy and Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS), is also boosting the market of advanced diamond-tipped ophthalmic knives.
Thin sections of PS/HNT nanocomposites were prepared at room temperature via ultramicrotomy and TEM micrographs were taken showing the effect of the noncovalent modification on the dispersion of HNTs in the PS matrix.
Zhang, "Imaging the interphase of carbon fiber composites using transmission electron microscopy: preparations by focused ion beam, ion beam etching, and ultramicrotomy," Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, vol.
The pretreated samples were used for ultramicrotomy and collected on copper grids, and the obtained sections were then stained and observed using a transmission electron microscope (JEM-2000EX, JEDL, Japan).
For the analyses of the nanoparticles of Ag(0) immobilized in the CS/CMC membrane, the material was immobilized in resin and sliced with the technique of ultramicrotomy and placed on a carbon-coated copper grid.
We collected thin sections (80 nm) by ultramicrotomy onto copper 300-mesh thin bar grids and contrasted the sections in lead citrate and uranyl acetate.