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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is driving the Kashmir train on the wrong track of ultranationalism. But it's not yet too late to change the course to find lasting peace and prosperity for all.
A global shift in the balance of power has created new geopolitical tensions, and governance failures have led to armed conflicts and civil wars, violent extremist movements, and the rise of ultranationalism and populism in many countries.
It might be the only recipe for holding the EU together and eradicating the menace of ultranationalism and populism.
This is now unprecedented isolation from traditional allies, ultranationalism in the raw.
Fake nationalism, ultranationalism verges on fascism.
Carr was adamant that the White House would "not ignore any part of the ideological spectrum" and would go after anti-Semitism "regardless of the ideological clothing in which it dresses itself," from ultranationalism on the right to left-wing anti-Zionism.
In order to operate under these conditions, the rights, firstly, associate themselves with respective right-wing parties and movements and, secondly, act as a political opposition centered around an ideology that is based on "a myth of a homogeneous nation, a romantic and populist ultranationalism directed against the concept of liberal and pluralistic democracy and its underlying principles of individualism and universalism." (30) The same norms also served as the foundation for the created image of online extreme groups.
Religious freedom is under threat in one of every five nations around the globe, in part because of an increase in "aggressive ultranationalism", a Catholic NGO said in a report Thursday.
His actions and quick determination to provide evidence further demonstrates that not all Dominicans embrace ultranationalism.
But it entered into an environment in which it was easy for an existing current of Buddhist "ultranationalism" to go viral.
Denying the Russians minority of legitimacy as stakeholders in the native society creates a schism that is more susceptible to overtures of Russian ultranationalism. Thus by investing in a stronger national identity and state character among the population of ethnic Russians, the Baltic will be less vulnerable to Russian influence.