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With their wonderful views and ultraromantic setting, the grand restaurants at the top of the ship are not surprisingly used for special occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries.
"I guess probably in 10 years Hallmark will make a card for it," laughs Scott Stamford, general manager of the ultraromantic River Cafe in Brooklyn.
Last season's ultraromantic Morgen, daringly set to Richard Strauss lieder, returned with its ardor intact, despite less-than-stellar singing by soprano Jessica Jones.
Comitas ends his Yiddish Suite with an adagio "Hommage a Brauck" (the movement is dedicated to Willem Brauckmann), with quickly changing moods progressing from a march to ultraromantic textures to plaintive lyrical songs.
If stems are very short, create the closely packed, dome-shaped, ultraromantic arrangement Europeans call a pave.
Strong critical support will be crucial for broadening the appeal of this ultraromantic period drama that, while a better film than "The English Patient," lacks the epic scale that made Anthony Minghella's Oscar winner such a B.O.
Designers hooked on the look of love have unleashed a flood of ultraromantic gemtoned velvet vests, frilled poet's blouses, dandy-inspired jackets and moody medieval evening dresses.
This traditional period drama is so exquisitely mounted and so splendidly acted that it might overcome the lack of known stars in its cast and the ultraromantic center that occasionally gives the film an aura of soft melodrama.
The "hot off the runways" look we spotted at the spring designer collections looks something like this: long, loose, ultraromantic hair, arched brows and lips outlined with a natural color and emphasized with maximum-shine lip gloss.