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1. A device for removing liquids or gases by suction, especially an instrument that uses suction to remove substances, such as mucus or serum, from a body cavity.
2. A suction pump used to create a partial vacuum.


(General Engineering) a device employing suction, such as a jet pump or one for removing fluids from a body cavity


(ˈæs pəˌreɪ tər)

1. an apparatus employing suction.
2. a suction pump that operates by the pressure differential created by the high-speed flow of a fluid past an intake orifice.
3. a suction instrument used in aspirating fluids from the body.
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Noun1.aspirator - a pump that draws air or another gas through a liquidaspirator - a pump that draws air or another gas through a liquid
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
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Contract Notice: Purch1268 Provision Of Ultrasonic Aspirator For NeurosurgeryUniversity of Glasgow Veterinary school wishes to invite tenders from suitably qualified suppliers for a new requirement it has for an ulltrasonic aspirator for neurosurgery.
1 ultrasonic aspirator and purchase for three years of consumables dedicated to be allocated to the sc neurosurgery of the hospital central "ss.
Stryker's strong cash position has enabled the firm to go on a virtual spending spree over the last 18 months, gobbling up the likes of the Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator from Mutoh Co.
Contract notice: Contract to half open procedure, for the supply of consumables for robotic surgery, hemodynamic monitoring systems, material for ultrasonic aspirator, material and systems for electrosurgery and endoscopy with provision of equipment by way of rental and optical properties of various types, period 72 months.
Net sales of neurosurgery devices were 26% higher in fiscal year 2008 than in 2007, and international sales grew 32% in core technology areas, including sales of ophthalmic products in direct sales markets, the Omni ultrasonic aspirator system, and the Malls electrosurgical generator and its related disposables.
Contract notice: Delivery of medical devices: kits for the treatment of hydrocephalus, accessories disposable ultrasonic aspirator sonaca 300 accessories into a closed vacuum system for suction.
Contract award: tender for the supply of the ultrasonic aspirator tissues along with other medical devices.
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In addition, the agreement provides for Synergetics to supply disposable ultrasonic instrument tips and certain other consumable products used in conjunction with the Sonopet/Omni[R] ultrasonic aspirator console and handpieces; and pursue certain development projects for new products associated with Stryker's intraoperative ultrasound products.