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An electronic circuit that records the aggregate of a specific number of signals that occur too rapidly to be recorded individually.

[From scale.]


1. a person or thing that scales
2. (Electronics) Also called: counter or scaling circuit an electronic device or circuit that aggregates electric pulses and gives a single output pulse for a predetermined number of input pulses


(ˈskeɪ lər)

1. a person or thing that scales.
2. an electronic circuit devised to give a single pulse as output after a certain number of input pulses.
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Noun1.scaler - an electronic pulse counter used to count pulses that occur too rapidly to be recorded individually
pulse counter - an electronic counter that counts the number of electric pulses
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Tenders are invited for Rate Contract of Memography, Portable Colour Doppler Echo Cardiography, Operating Microscope EyeT C-Arm Image Intensifier, 500 ma X-Ray, Ultrasonic Scaler Universal Testing Machine and Mortuary Chamber
XP Technology instruments require only a very light grasp and shaving stroke rather than lateral pressure below a deposit, similar to the technique used with an ultrasonic scaler, helping ensure correct ergonomics and hand health as well as patient comfort.
Development of a clinical competency measure of student proficiency using an ultrasonic scaler throughout the clinical experience would be expected.
1,10,11 The advantage of using ultrasonic scaler for debonding is that the same device can be used for adhesive remnant removal at the end of debonding.
Scott Ritchie's lawsuit charges that he suffered the injuries when an ultrasonic scaler ran out of water and overheated.
Flushing of water from ultrasonic scaler device and turbine hand pieces for 5-10 minutes in the beginning of the day and for 2 minutes before treatment.
Tenders are invited for Supply of ULTRASONIC SCALER MACHINE
The units are pre-configured to accept three drill drives with up to two electric motors, an ultrasonic scaler and an intraoral camera.
The secondary aim of this study was to explore the relationship of hearing difficulties with ultrasonic scaler usage.
Limited tenders are invited for supply of medical equipments ULTRASONIC SCALER MACHINE
Also new from Brasseler are HygienePro[TM] Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts for magnetostrictive devices.