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1. Of or relating to acoustic frequencies above the range audible to the human ear, or above approximately 20,000 hertz.
2. Of, relating to, or involving ultrasound.

ul′tra·son′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ultrasonically - by ultrasonic meansultrasonically - by ultrasonic means; "the kidney stones were removed ultrasonically"
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X 2500 X 5000 - Carbon Steel Plate As Per Latest Version Of Is 2062, Grade E250-Br (With Impact Test) Ultrasonically Tested In Accordance With Astm A-435 (Equvivalent Bhel Spec Aa10119) ( Wt.
The company can ultrasonically laminate up to 130 inches wide and slit to virtually any width.
Laminated material is cut to length, folded in half and its edges ultrasonically sealed, resulting in a sleeved cover closed on three sides.
Matasorb is ideal for marine spills as the material will float on water without adsorbing it, while absorbing any hydrocarbon-based liquid spilled in the water The sorbent material is ultrasonically bonded to a reinforcing scrim, making Matasorb stronger than conventional products.
Plates To Be Ultrasonically Tested As Per Product Standard Ht 10495 Rev-01,180 Degrees Cold Bend Test As Per Astm A-480 And Impact Tested At Zero Degree Centigrade To Astm A 370/A20.
Note- (1) Each Ring To Be Ultrasonically Tested As Per Spcn.
Note:-Each Ring To Be Ultrasonically Tested As Per Am54155.

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