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1. Of or relating to acoustic frequencies above the range audible to the human ear, or above approximately 20,000 hertz.
2. Of, relating to, or involving ultrasound.

ul′tra·son′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ultrasonically - by ultrasonic meansultrasonically - by ultrasonic means; "the kidney stones were removed ultrasonically"
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When using a coffee capsule, filter material ultrasonically welded onto the bottom of the capsule produces the crema.
Katronic equipment operates ultrasonically, firing an acoustic pulse through the wall of a pipe using a pair of compact transducers.
Figure 9 shows the predicted gel fraction (a) and crosslink density (b) of the ultrasonically decrosslinked XHDPE as a function of the treatment time at various ultrasonic amplitudes of 5, 7.5, and 10 [micro]m at a hydrostatic pressure of 1 MPa and a bubble volume fraction of 0.67%.
This problem with the laparoscopic tool is thought of as one cause of relapse, and it seems that it is necessary to further evaluate the ultrasonically activated scalpel (UAS) used to resect the tumor and the lymph nodes.
The product line includes ultrasonic/heat staking inserts for installation ultrasonically or with a thermal press; molded-in types installed during the molding process; and press-in types installed by pressing the insert into a pre-molded or drilled hole.
Cavitation of ultrasonically formed bubbles results in localized temperatures as high as 5000[degrees]C and pressures as high as 1000 atmospheres in less than one microsecond.
Guyson International has recently installed into Fusion Implants, a new hi-tech medical start-up enterprise, one of their Formula 1400 blast cabinets, together with a 'Kerry' branded MKC14 ultrasonic bath for surface finishing and ultrasonically cleaning their 3D printed parts which are used during veterinary implant procedures.
To separate the stem cells and other beneficial cell types from the fat tissue, the harvested tissue is treated ultrasonically. The ultrasound cavitation technology can be adjusted exactly to the required intensity to break the tissue so that the cells are released for separation, but mildly enough to prevent the stem cells from damage.
Therefore, Fameccanica developed adult pant diaper model FIX P5X, a highspeed machine for pull-on protective underwear, with a unique technology for in-line processing of breathable, elastic laminated waistband with ultrasonically bonded transpiring spots to create a discrete and soft feeling product with maximum fit and comfort.
After the Power Pro cleans your gun it can be ultrasonically treated with Lyman's TurboSonic Lubricant.
Housings are ultrasonically welded for ruggedness and sealing, a rubberised switch pad provides both excellent sealing and good wear characteristics.

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