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 (ŭl′trə-sŏn′ə-grăm′, -sō′nə-)


(ˌʌl trəˈsɒn əˌgræm, -ˈsoʊ nə-)
an image or record produced by ultrasonography.


n. ultrasonograma, imagen producida por medio de ultrasonografía.
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Now, patients diagnosed with cirrhosis are followed up every 6 months with ultrasonogram and serum alpha fetoprotein for the early detection and treatment of HCC.
For all patients ultrasonogram examination was done to evaluate the size, shape, composition and calcification of thyroid nodule.
The ultrasonogram showed an obvious retroperitoneal hematoma, and the computed tomography scan demonstrated a massive hematoma in the left abdominal wall [Figure 1]d and [Figure 1]e.
In patients with Chilaiditi's sign, ultrasonogram clearly shows bowel loops between the liver and diaphragm, and computed tomography scan shows haustral folds confirming the diagnosis.
Ultrasonogram was performed to evaluate the lump and delineate the right testis.
Mamografi ve ultrasonogram (US), palpe edilebilen veya edilemeyen meme lezyonlarini ortaya koymada sik kullanilan ve degerli goruntuleme yontemleri olsa da, solid lezyonlarin benin-malin olarak ayriminda yasanabilen kafa karisikligina bagli gereksiz biyopsilerin sayisi artabilmektedir.
Ultrasonogram is not presented as the ultrasonography was performed in emergency where printer was not available.
Tenders are invited for Fixing Rate Contract For Supply And Installation Of Ultrasonogram For Nerve Block Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound To Dept.
Ultrasonogram showed a corticomedullary cyst in the left kidney with grade 2-3 renal parenchymal changes.
It can precisely diagnose NEC symptoms of infantile patients by presenting clear images of tissue structures such as portal vein, intestinal wall and enterocoelia in ultrasonogram.
B-mode ocular ultrasonogram of eyes revealed detachment of retina in affected dogs.

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