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 (ŭl′trə-sŏn′ə-grăf′, -sō′nə-)
An apparatus for producing images obtained by ultrasonography.

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Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is asymptomatic and often diagnosed incidentally by elevated liver enzyme levels and subsequently abdominal ultrasonograph. [12] NASH-related cirrhosis is now one of the main indications for liver transplantation in the United States.
Caption: Figure 3: Ultrasonograph of the left submandibular gland showing (a) total dimensions of the gland, (b, c) sialolith and its size, and (d) dilatation of the duct.
Two apparatuses were used: an ultrasonograph ALOKA 250 (Hyogo, Japan) with a linear probe with the frequency 3.5 MHz (early years of the experiment) and ultrasonograph SonoVet2000 (Medison Co., Ltd., South Korea) with a 170 mm linear probe with the frequency 2 to 5 MHz (late years of the experiment).
Kacar, "Determination of gestational age by measuring fetal heart diameter with transrectal ultrasonograph in sheep," Medycyna Weterynaryjna, vol.
All patients underwent transthoracic echocardiography with a GE VIVID 7 ultrasonograph and a 2.5-MHz transducer in a left lateral decubitus position before TEE examination.
Measurements of cIMT were performed online by a single trained sonographer, using a high resolution, real-time ultrasonograph with a 7,5 MHz transducer (ATL Ultrasound HDI 1300, Philips, Bothell, WA, USA).
Validity of ultrasonograph muscle thickness measurements for estimat ing muscle volume of knee extensors in humans.
Abdominal ultrasonograph with a spleen assessment was performed before and after seven days of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor administration.
To the Editor: We report a rare hepatic ultrasonograph finding for a patient with liver failure associated with dengue virus (DENV) infection.
Dermal thickness results were shown histologically via high-frequency ultrasonograph.
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