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Noun1.ultraviolet lamp - any source of illumination that emits ultraviolet radiationultraviolet lamp - any source of illumination that emits ultraviolet radiation
mercury-vapor lamp - ultraviolet lamp that emits a strong bluish light (rich in ultraviolet radiation) as electric current passes through mercury vapor
source of illumination - any device serving as a source of visible electromagnetic radiation
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To prevent microbiological growth before being returned to the points of use in the factory at a conductivity of less than 10pS/cm it is disinfected by an ultraviolet lamp. Each of the two activated carbon filters is designed for 75% of the flow.
The FDA said it cannot guarantee the quality and safety of High Quality 3 in 1 Alkaline Water Purifier Complete Set Central Nanyang 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Ultra Safe with Tank and Pump Global 3 in 1 Water Purifier Netwire Direct Alkaline Water Purifier with Ultraviolet Lamp Semter Sink Alkaline Water Purifier and Premium 5 Stage Under Sink Water Filter System Drinking Home RO Membrane Purifier.
The team allowed each gas mixture to flow into the PHAZER setup and then exposed the mixture to one of the two types of energy -- plasma from an alternating current glow discharge or light from an ultraviolet lamp. The team found multiple scenarios that produced both oxygen and organic molecules that could build sugars and amino acids -- raw materials for which life could begin -- such as formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.
The treatment includes a skin assessment with an ultraviolet lamp, a scalp massage and a hair mask.
The features include a secured source code, an ultraviolet lamp to verify ballots, digital signatures from the BEI and the voter verification paper audit trail (VVPAT).
"We were looking at the text with the ultraviolet lamp and this pair of faces emerged in the bottom margin.
Further, banks have been asked to ensure that all cheques of over Rs200,000 are scanned under an ultraviolet lamp so as to detect any tampering.
Among the information are properties for new refrigerators, new data on refrigerant safety, ventilation requirements for residential and non-residential occupancies, occupant thermal comfort, extensive data on sound and vibration control, thermal storage, radiant-panel heating and cooling, air-to-air energy recovery, space air diffusion data, equipment heat load data, combustion turbines, fuel cells, ultraviolet lamp systems, and variant refrigerant flow.
Revlon Inc., for instance, offers ColorStay long-wear nail enamel, a 30-shade line that the company maintains gives nails a "shatterproof shield of color" without having to expose the polish to an ultraviolet lamp.
"UV" ultraviolet lamp for evaluating optical brighteners, whitening agents and fluorescent dyes / pigments.
It is a procedure that has been designed to increase the color of teeth, using an ultraviolet lamp and hydrogen peroxide type gel."
The whole process begins with the acrylic-covered nail being exposed to an ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet light is energetic enough to break chemical bonds, which is exactly what it does to a photoinitiator that is incorporated into the mix.

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