ultraviolet spectrum

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Noun1.ultraviolet spectrum - the spectrum of ultraviolet radiationultraviolet spectrum - the spectrum of ultraviolet radiation
spectrum - an ordered array of the components of an emission or wave
electromagnetic spectrum - the entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves
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Jennifer Wammack: BIFMA was part of a Steelcase study done in 2015 to test the effects of UVC (a specific ultraviolet spectrum) sanitation on material color-fastness.
"Atmospheric models need accurate measurements of sunlight across the ultraviolet spectrum to model the ozone layer correctly," said Peter Pilewskie, TSIS-1 lead scientist at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, Colorado.
Another US "biohacker" plans to insert a genetic mutation that lets humans see on the ultraviolet spectrum.
For Greeks the sun was the supernatural God figure; but despite its various benefits, the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight also has its disadvantages such as skin cancer and premature ageing.
Among specific topics are the effect of a blowing agent on cell morphology and acoustic absorption in natural rubber foam, the surface investigation of laser-glazed mullite thin films of yttria-stabilized zirconia coatings, predicting the ultraviolet spectrum of single-stranded DNA, a reliable homemade tissue culture protocol for <Dendrobium/> orchid cultivation, heating energy briquettes from cashew nut shell, and constructing and evaluating instructional packages on vector quantity.
Researchers observed a video of a 2012 solar flare taken during the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite mission, which every 12 seconds captures images of the Sun in the ultraviolet spectrum. They discovered that in locations on the Sun where the magnetic field is distorted, magnetic field lines flowing from the Sun's surface are continuously becoming entwined and untwined, creating new magnetic structures in the process.
Naval Research Laboratory, Baum, Johnson, Oberly, Rockwood, Strain and Tousey [19] obtained the first measurements of the Sun's ultraviolet spectrum using a V2 rocket.
A meteorological station was established at the Dead Sea basin (Neve Zohar) to continuously monitor solar global, UVB and UVA radiation, measure spectral selectivity within the ultraviolet spectrum and investigate other relevant bio-climatological parameters.
Following the Spektr-RG, an ultraviolet spectrum space observatory dubbed Spektr-UF will be launched in 2016.
It's an infrared shot which means only the infrared light is let through while the ultraviolet spectrum is blocked.
Jennifer Johnson, an associate professor of astronomy at Ohio State University, says tellurium has been a "tough" element to detect, since it absorbs light in the ultraviolet spectrum, which is impossible for ground-based telescopes to spot.

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