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 (o͞o′lo͞o) or u·lo (-lō)
n. pl. u·lus or u·los
An Inuit or Yupik knife having an arched blade fixed to a central handle, used especially for skinning, chopping, and carving.

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1. (Tools) a crescent-shaped knife chiefly used by Inuit women for skinning and cleaning fish
2. (Fishing) a crescent-shaped knife chiefly used by Inuit women for skinning and cleaning fish
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Yazar neo-liberal ekonomi politikalarini ve ulus devletlere dayali uluslararasi sistemin, bolgede statukoyu surdurmenin en onemli araclari oldugu tespitini yapmistir.
Sami Ulus Women and Children's Research and Training Hospital, Clinic of Pediatric Metabolism and Nutrition, Ankara, Turkey Phone: +90 505 352 99 63 E-mail: cskasapkara@gmail.com ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-3569-276X
Police stormed room of Ulus along with HE-seyin Yahya E[currency]ekerci, a trustee to replace him.
However, according to the new Turkish linguistic discourse based on Kemalist ideology the "ulus" was adapted by liberals, "progressive" currents and the left.
Addressing the third ECO Ministerial Meeting in Tehran, Murat Ulus said that the world financial crisis has overshadowed all parts of the world and ECO member states to expand cooperation to prevent the negative consequences.
This is the task he sets for himself in investigating the process through which the politically independent "shamanists" of the Khorchin ulus acme to be Buddhists willing to fight for the Qing dynasty.
Fuat Ulus noted that patients might have trouble addressing their own parents' negative influence in their lives, but they readily tackle the issue as dramatized by Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer in "The Story of Us." They may be reluctant to confront their own father-daughter relationships, but they plunge right in to examine the complex relationship depicted by William Hurt and Renee Zellweger in "One True Thing."
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Almanya'da onceleri aidiyetin bolgesel oldugunu ve milli sinir algisinin sonradan gundeme geldigini aktaran Schlink, 1980'li yillar ile ulus kavraminin yeniden ortaya ciktigini belirtiyor.