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A taste sensation produced by the presence of glutamates and nucleotides and associated with meats and other high-protein foods. It is sometimes considered to be a fifth basic taste along with the tastes sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

[Japanese : uma-, stem of umai, tasty, delicious + -mi, n. suff.]
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(Cookery) one of the five basic tastes, the savoury flavour of glutamates
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sales of frozen foods and on umami seasonings for processed food
The staff will point out a condiment bottle of the restaurant's special umami infused vinegar on the table.
Crunchy, chewy and umami all at the same time, this risotto-taken-to-the-next-level absolutely floored me.
Ace comediene, Helen Paul and Miyonse Amosu, former Big Brother Naija contestant have educated over 200 women in Ogbaru, Anambra State, on usage of Ajinomoto umami seasoning.
Try any of their four varieties: Smoky Chipotle for a hardy, full umami bite; Sriracha Lime for a spicy kick with heat; Tangier Red Pepper for some veggie sustenance; and Zesty Lemon for a sharp citrus flavor.
Hoisin sauce is a great and versatile pantry ingredient, offering timesaving, salty-sweet, umami power.
An umami seasoning "Ajinomoto" - produced by a leading food company - is contributing to the delicious cuisine in Cambodia.
The airport has teamed up with upscale food firm Not Always Caviar to create luxury takeaway sandwiches designed with umami savoury flavours said to be enhanced at altitude, where a combination of dry air and low pressure reduces passengers' sensitivity to food aromas.