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Adj.1.umbelliform - resembling or in the form of an umbelumbelliform - resembling or in the form of an umbel
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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It is characterized by the stalked ocelli and compound eyes, pronotum with umbelliform process dorsally, not concealing the scutellum or the forewings in repose; the forewing and hindwing with one r-m and one m-cu crossvein; tibiae not foliaceous; metatibiae with cucullate setae in row II, first tarsomere has one cucullate setae apically and the abdomen without conspicuous punctuation (Deitz, 1975; Flynn, 2014).
2, 4), with black umbelliform process dorsally; elevated central stalk and simple branch; distally presents two anterolateral branches each of which has three secondary branches (Fig.
--Umbel of spikelets (or sciadodium or umbelliform inflorescence): indeterminate inflorescence, with the spikelets disposed like the flowers of an umbel (Rua, 1999).