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 (ŭm′bə-nāt′, ŭm-bō′nĭt)
Having or resembling a knob or knoblike protuberance.
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One characteristic that seems to be specific to Striostrea prismatica larvae is the appearance of a red spot toward the ventral border of the late umbonate larvae (Fig.
plano-convex, broadly umbonate, undulating surface, deep cinnamon to red-brown to dark brick, central disc darker, in mature specimens surface zonate, surface smooth, viscid, shiny, cap margin clearly white to cream with dentate processes, involute.
Isolate AQ-1 showed white colony, round shape, umbonate elevation and mucoidy texture.
Macroscopic features of F2 strain when grown on potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium for 7 days at 25degC, showed colony diameter 18-27 mm, plane or umbonate, radially and concentrically sulcate or wrinkled, low to moderately deep, mycelium white, texture velutinous to slightly floccose, exudate clear to yellow-brown, red-brown soluble pigment occasionally produced (Fig.
furfur CBS 7019, with characteristics described by Gueho et al (12,13) for this species: witish colonies, smooth, with umbonate elevation, entire margins or slightly irregular with an average size of 5 mm (12).
Pileus 12-24 mm, convex to broadly convex, slightly umbonate, surface smooth glabrous, wet when fresh, dark brown (7F4) to brown (7E4) on mature basidiomata, margin decurved with abundant white velar remnants.
5] Colony shape Filamentous Filamentous Colony colour Yellowish white White Elevation Umbonate Concave at centre Margin Undulate Lobate Cell shape Bacillus Bacillus Gram staining - - P-solublising + - Acid production + - IAA-production - - Characteristics Bacterial strain [GS.
The yellow halo-forming colonies from the outside samples were irregular in shape, had umbonate elevations, ranged from 4 to 5 mm in diameter, and had rugose surfaces.
Organisms Cultural characteristics Gram Motility reaction Pseudomonas Mucoid colonies with Negative + species umbonate elevation rod Micrococcus Circular, pinhead colonies positive -- species which are convex with cocci entire margins.
Morphological characteristics of isolated bacteria Lab Name Configuration Margin Elevation Color Isolate 1 Round Smooth convex bluish Cream Isolate 2 Irregular Lobate umbonate yellowish Isolate 3 Round Smooth drop like yellowish Isolate 4 Round Smooth flat creamy white Isolate 5 Punchi form Smooth convex yellow Isolate 6 Round Smooth raised orangish Isolate 7 Round Smooth convex white Isolate 8 Round Smooth drop like yellow glossy Isolate 9 Spindle Smooth flat thick white Lab Name Size in mm Isolate 1 3 mm Isolate 2 2-3 mm Isolate 3 1 mm Isolate 4 2 mm Isolate 5 Pinpoint Isolate 6 1 -2 mm Isolate 7 1 mm Isolate 8 1 mm Isolate 9 2 mm