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Any of several birds of the genus Cephalopterus of Central and South America, especially C. ornatus, having a retractile, umbrellalike black crest and a long wattle that the bird inflates to amplify its call.


(ʌmˈbrɛl əˌbɜrd)
any of several large black cotingas of the genus Cephalopterus, the males of which are crowned with umbrellalike tufts of feathers.
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The directed seed dispersal by the frugivorous bird Cephalopterus penduliger (umbrellabird) resulted in a significantly higher genetic diversity of seedlings of Oenocarpus bataua in targeted deposit areas of the tropical forest of north-western Ecuador, compared to other sites (Karubian et al., 2010).
Ecuador has some of the rarest and most spectacular birds on the planet: the sword-billed hummingbird, long-wattled umbrellabird and jocotoco antpitta, to name just a few.
cleaned seeds occur in the ground dispersed by resplendent quetzals, three-wattled bellbirds, barenecked umbrellabirds or black guans.