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n. pl. umeboshi
The pickled and often dried fruit of the Japanese apricot tree. The fruit are often referred to as "plums."

[Japanese : ume, Japanese apricot (from Old Japanese ume, mume, of Old Chinese origin; akin to Cantonese mui4 and Mandarin méi, both from Middle Chinese mwəj) + boshi, combining form (with regular change of h to b) of hoshi, a drying, verbal noun of hosu, to dry (from Old Japanese posu).]
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A few months before Dan's heart attack, the relationship between Dan and Maridel was as sour as the Japanese fruit umeboshi, the most sour fruit from the plum or apricot family.
He followed with a seafood concoction called Pearl on the Ocean Floor that had sourdough with goat's milk quark, marron umeboshi and ume dashi.
A sour-salty umeboshi plum will leave your mouth bursting with flavor, and you'll be reluctant to spit out the pit!
Highly salted plums known as umeboshi are a summer favourite because they are thought to help replenish salt lost in sweat.
Eugene Choo, and shoes at Umeboshi. I can't wait to return to Bao Bei for contemporary Chinese and a cocktail at Juniper.
For example, the pickled P mume fruit (named umeboshi in Japan) has been widely used as a food garnish, sauce, juice, and liquor in China, Japan, Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries.
It is made from selected Japanese Umeboshi plum that can restore your body's PH balance.
* Umeboshi: Pickled Asian plum, accompanies rice dishes and rice balls
There, they step out of urban Tokyo--Kawase having made frames-within-frames from the endless crisscrossing telephone, train and electrical wires--and into another world: a magical forest of orchids, leafy trees and just-prepared meals featuring handmade kombu, umeboshi, daifuku.
"As orthorexia progresses, a day filled with sprouts, umeboshi plums and amaranth biscuits comes to feel as holy as one spent serving the poor," he wrote.
Between fish courses and meat, a peach tomato sorbet that had fruit and savory characters cleansed our palates and got us ready for the medium rare slices of roast beef tataki-style with three dips: a raspberry ponzu with the berry characters follows after the onslaught of lemon and vinegar, a nose tickling wasabi yoghurt remoulade, and a cheeky topping of radish and salted umeboshi (plum) puree.
All 21 aspiring chefs were set and opened the mystery box which contained un-tenderized octopus, verjuice, pear, chocolate, bay leaf, caper berries, parsley and umeboshi (Japanese plums).